Attention Speakers, Authors, Consultants, and High-Fee Experts:
Get the Support, Training, and Tools to Boost Your Profits by $10,000/month - and Beyond!

  1. Do you want to reach larger numbers of people who need your services?
  2. Do you want to connect with more prospects and create more sales?
  3. Do you want to become known as the "go-to" person in your field and top choice in your industry?
  4. Have you been searching for the skills to make your business more successful?
  5. Have you gotten moving but want help staying on track, focused, and profitable?
  6. Would you like ongoing support and access to instant-action marketing strategies, tactics, and tools to grow your business?

NEW! Marketing mastermind + Group coaching + Ongoing support, training and tools to BOOST your bottom line by $10K/month or more...

doitmarketing accelerator

Here are the 5 MAIN REASONS this program is for you...

...and what you’ll discover as a new Do It! Marketing™ Accelerator Member to quickly and efficiently take your business to the next level:

  1. small business marketing mastermind groupAttract More New Clients WITHOUT breaking the bank with expensive paid advertising/marketing
  2. Increase Your Client Retention so that each client stays with you longer, giving you more revenue AND creating better client outcomes, more repeat business, and more referrals
  3. Streamline and Perfect your “Introductory” and “Enrollment” process so that more sales happen
  4. Start Building Systems that will support your business as it grows so that you have more clarity, confidence, and control
  5. Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that fits your particular strengths, personality and preferences AND puts cash in the bank, month after month

As a bonus, you will get periodic discounts to other Do It! Marketing programs, workshops and events. You are also able to get 1-on-1 sessions with me -- in case you need some extra support -- at a members-only rate of 30% off per session.

The Do It! Marketing™ Accelerator program allows you to continue to work on your business and improve your bottom line in a way that fits your lifestyle and is not heavy on your wallet.

marketing mastermind marketing coachingThis program includes:

  • Monthly Accelerator Calls — content-rich, exactly-how-to information designed to propel you forward on specific marketing, sales, and business development topics. ($1,000/month value)
  • Monthly Mastermind Calls  — A facilitated mastermind session where you can ask questions and get live coaching and feedback on your most pressing issues. ($1,000/month value)
  • 30% Members-Only Discount — Get private 1-on-1 Marketing Mentor sessions with me on an "as-wanted, as-needed" basis at a significant savings any time you need personalized marketing or sales help ($300/month value)
  • Quarterly Do It! Days - A virtual full-day experience to get your most important marketing, sales, and business development tasks from TO DO to DONE with my personalized advice, guidance, and support. Included FREE with your Accelerator membership
    ($3,600 value) 
  • Private Facebook Group for Accelerator Members — Ask and answer questions, get advice, insights, and recommendations from me and from your fellow members 24/7 in our private Facebook mastermind forum. ($1,500 value)

The Accelerator is a subscription program. This means it can go as long as you want it to. Your subscription will automatically renew each month until it is cancelled and costs only $1,500 per month. By comparison, private 1-on-1 clients who enroll in my Marketing Mentor program pay $15,000 every 90 days or $60,000 per year. So the savings and value in this program are significant.

Have you ever thought that:

  • You might be losing time and money because you do not have the right support?
  • There must be a way to make your business more successful and someone to help you?
  • You would gladly get the coaching you need if only you were able to afford it?

marketing mastermind marketing coaching groupTop 5 benefits of joining right now:

  1. Real, down-to-earth and highly effective implementation guidance, feedback and support focused on getting you where you need to go as quickly as possible
  2. Personalized tools and information when you need them through the private Accelerator Facebook Group 
  3. Specific, tactical "do-this-now" templates, scripts and strategies to help you generate more clients and more money on a monthly basis
  4. Build relationships with other smart cookies. My communities attract smart, creative, and generous business owners who are ready to kick butt, take names, and make things happen - and help you do the same 
  5. More focus, more momentum, and more fun in your business as you get the marketing and sales answers you need, finally stop spinning your wheels, and connect with like-minded peers as committed to growing their business as you are to yours

Committed to your success... 

I am committed to making it possible for entrepreneurs and independent professionals like you to get the marketing tools, training, and support you need to be successful.

That is why I put together this program and deliberately kept the cost so low.

And this format is designed to allow even super-busy folks like you to get the marketing help you want and to create the business you deserve.

marketing coaching marketing mastermind group

Imagine what your life will look like...

Once you start to consistently generate an additional $8,000/month - $9,000/month - $10,000/month and beyond...

  1. You'll know exactly the type of clients you want to serve and where to find them
  2. You'll be more profitable and you'll finally master your cash flow
  3. You'll get laser-focused on how to invest your time, effort, energy and priorities
  4. You'll be positioned as an expert
  5. You'll feel extremely confident as your financial worries fade away
  6. You'll crisply articulate how your business helps your clients
  7. You'll trust yourself more than ever
  8. You'll do ONLY marketing tasks that you find easy, effortless, and enjoyable
  9. You'll feel inspired, supported, and motivated to take action

For just $1,500 per month you get access to a mentor and personal support for bringing your business vision out into the world as you generate significantly more income.

It's just that simple. 

Let's discuss your application for the Do It! Marketing® Accelerator and let's see if we'd like to collaborate. 



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