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7 Speaker Video Tips

I had quite the adventure yesterday when we lost power in a rainstorm about 6:30am for most of the day and I had a Facebook Live (done fireside from my iPhone before it lost all its juice) plus our Speaker Profit Formula weekly call (done from The Hot One's building on the campus of Bryn Mawr College where I had to "borrow" an office and commandeer some WiFi!) and the third installment of our Keynotes That Convert mentorship that I was finally able to do from home once the power came back on about 2:30pm.

Today should be a walk in the park by comparison  Easy peasy!

Here are 7 quick tips for you about speaker video if you want to create a KILLER video marketing asset for your speaking-driven business.

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Let's get those tips for ya...

1. No video is better than a bad video: Don't have crappy video out there on the interwebs that prospects will find and use to DISqualify you.

2. The context in which they SEE you is the context in which they SET you: If you want to do seminars, your video should be in a seminar room. If you want to be hired to be on bigger stages, your video should show you on a BIG stage.

3. No preamble, no lead-up: Your video should open with you onstage IN ACTION. Don't waste a prospect's time with a fancy intro with music, flashy titles, or anything else. The video showcases YOU. Period.

4. Make sure the content aligns with your REAL speech: Do not include superfluous or "off-message" sound bites, stories, or examples. Showcase only your flagship material that you want to be hired for.

5. Old video is not going to sell your new content: If you have a great video from a couple years back, but your content has changed (new topic, new book, new niche), you need a NEW video. Don't kid yourself otherwise. Seasoned speakers collect new video assets ALL the time and create a completely new video reel every 1-2 years.

6. A video of your TedX Talk is not going to cut it: First, TedX has a strong anti-professional speaker bias. Second, they've coached you specifically NOT to give your "usual" content and to create something special just for them. For both those reasons (and see #4 above), it's not a good substitute for a top-notch video demo.

7. Don't create a video demo, create a video primer: A video demo is a once-and-done finished product. A video primer is a more flexible, valuable asset because it's designed from the start for you to ADD new clips whenever you want. These could be new testimonials, new speech snippets, new venues (like that upcoming gig with you in front of 2,000 raving fans). Make sure you ALWAYS get the edit files, raw source video, and digital masters from your videographer (fair warning: many won't hand these over because they want you coming back to them for all edits. This means you need a new videographer. Sorry.)

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