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Welcome to the Club...

Do It! Marketing Book Clubs are here. This is a local, global and online movement of smart conversations, building an entrepreneurial community of friends, and creating profit-rich containers of collaboration. All you need to get started is a book and an open mind.

The Details:

Book club leaders post their info in the Do It! Marketing Facebook group. Find a group in your area (or a virtual one!) and connect.

The back room at your local book store or cafe. Your living room. Or a different living room each time. Or go virtual and do tele-meets or something like Google Hangouts.

Invite your friends + family. Put up a flyer at your local book store or chamber of commerce. Alert your social media tribe. And, of course, post your plans in the Do It! Marketing Facebook group.

Have as many members as feels comfortable for you. 2, 5, 10, 20. Totally your call.

What to talk about...

WHATEVER YOU WANT… You could do one chapter at a time. Or do the 21-day launch plan exercises (one day's assignment per meeting). Spend an entire meeting discussing one paragraph, or rock out 10 pages at a clip. There are plenty of free tools and resources here that your group could also discuss, apply, and help each other implement. You could kick off each meeting by grabbing one and then jamming as a group.

BUT HEY! EVEN BETTER… You can download a free copy of the Do It! Marketing Manifesto designed to jumpstart your thinking. It's just for you. Use it to fuel deep, meaningful conversations with your fellow book club members. Flip through a series of Do It! ideas, principles, and universal concepts, and your group will be talking and thinking big thoughts non-stop.

Get the Goods Right Here:

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Getting together to support each other's plans for global domination… well… it’s magical, noble, meaningful stuff.

Welcome to the Club... I can't wait to see what YOU build next! 



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David Newman
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