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Clients Rave! Praise for David Newman
and the Do It! Marketing Approach

"I am 100% thrilled with David's program. To be able to work on my business, week in and week out, with focus, momentum, specific strategies, and detailed implementation assignments makes all the difference. At first, I wasn't sure of the ROI on spending this kind of money. Turns out, dollar for dollar, this program is the #1 best investment I've made into my professional speaking career."
-- Jim Bob Solsbery, professional speaker and author of Laugh Your Way Out

“A lot of people TALK a good marketing game, but nobody DOES it with the pizazz and brilliance like David Newman. His creativity and thorough professionalism made marketing a joy instead of a pain. And I love the bottom-line results of David’s work. He gets my highest recommendation.”
-- Dr. Alan Zimmerman CSP, 
CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

“David’s ability to talk about and implement marketing/sales strategies provided me with a common sense approach on how to sell more. I would recommend that any sales, marketing or C-level executive should listen to David’s ideas on how to get results!”
-- Doug Schmidt, Director of Business Development, MarketWorks

“In every conversation David and I have, his business smarts and quick intuitiveness have helped me in a tangible way. Each exchange with him opens profitable possibilities. He's been an enormous resource.”
-- Bret Rigby, CEO, Deep Water Industries Credit Union

"David's Speaker Marketing Workshop was not only AH-mazing in its content, it was also life-changing in its impact. During the course of the program, I saw a clear path to building a $20 million business. Even more important, I got into action right away and got two new clients just doing my homework. With the clarity I got by going through this course, I will triple the size of my business this year. I told David this program is underpriced. The value is more like $2,500/hour!"
-- Brynne Tillman, President & CEO, Social Sales Link LLC

“I've seen David speak many times, and he always stimulates great ideas for marketing my business. Not only is he an excellent speaker, but he has given me rock-solid ideas about how to amp up my own marketing.”
-- Robert Bradford, CSP, CEO, Center for Simplified Strategic Planning

“The concepts in David's presentation truly transcended any industry specific rules, making it VERY pertinent to our dealers. David did a superb job of learning our business model and applying it to his presentation. The preparation and attention to detail was very apparent to all of us!”
-- Jeff Phillips, Western U.S. Account Manager, XPEL Technologies

“David provided an abundance of practical tools, an engaging style, fabulous ideas, and most importantly… ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION. I applied some of David’s ideas right away and realized a difference in my marketing style and my bottom line. I highly recommend David Newman.”
-- Cynthia Huber, CTM, CQP, Exalt Resource Development

"David’s marketing expertise is second to none, especially as it relates to print collateral, social media, web optimization, positioning, and strategy. David provides a ton of content and actionable approaches you can implement today!”
-- Michael Goldberg, CSP, President, Building Blocks Consulting 

“If I had to sum up David as a speaker and marketing expert in seven words, I would say he is "no fluff, all content, - and funny too!" Anyone who is looking for a marketing expert to help their small business grow would be well advised to work with David.”
-- Avish Parashar, Improv Comedy Expert

“Even though I have an M.B.A. in marketing, attending David Newman's seminar was like going for a marketing Ph.D. David's program was packed with specific tactics to help any professional command the attention and interest of his or her ideal prospective clients.”
-- Sam Wieder, Marketing Expert

“David delivers, delivers, and delivers some more. David has one of the quickest and most creative marketing minds I've ever come across. His practical, ready-to-be-used advice is dead on. His style is in-your-face without being too harsh, with a twist of good humor thrown in.”
-- Kirstin Carey, Owner, Nourish Restaurant, Phoenix AZ

“It was my honor and pleasure to work with David. A man of high integrity, David has the ability to work alongside passionate entrepreneurs giving honest and valuable advice.”
-- Michael Geneles, President, 87 Interactive

“Once again the feedback from attendees was phenomenal, they loved it, and dare I say it was our very best meeting! David has great energy and is highly recommended!”
-- Steven Stein, Program Chair, Oracle/JDEdwards User Group

“I was amazed!!! David's program rocked my world and changed my business. His content is specific, actionable, and zero-fluff. I took away three ideas that I implemented for no cost, which made me money within a week. Now that's ROI!”
-- Marty Val Hill, SPHR, Woodbury School of Business (Utah)

“David Newman knows how to market. He knows how to help others market themselves. He is also generous with his ideas and time. David's the consummate pro!”
-- Marjorie Brody, CSP, CPAE, Founder & CEO, Brody Professional Development

“David has been training our sales staff and I have to say, he is the best sales trainer I have had the pleasure of working with. David is immediately responsive, always has a ton of new ideas and works well with everyone. I highly recommend his services to people needing a blast off in their production.”
-- Mary Broussard, CEO, The Barter Connection Network

“David is a guy with a unique mix of marketing smarts and engaging personality. The combination makes him "dynamite" in our interactions. As a result of working with him, I find myself more energized, forward thinking and with many more tangible actions that give me control over the success of my business.”
-- Robert A. Bowen, Jr., SPHR, Director of HR, The GEO Group, Inc.

“David Newman and Do It! Marketing are top-notch. If you believe that old school interruption-based selling is dead and the way to earn new client business is to earn attention with value-first marketing, David and his team can help. In my 1-on-1 dealings with him, he proves time and time again that there is no one smarter, quicker, or more dedicated to his clients’ success.”
-- Laurie Brown, CSP, President,

“David is one of the most talented, creative marketing professionals I know. He is always a step or two ahead of everyone else when it comes knowing exactly what his clients need to help them accomplish their marketing goals.”
-- Frank Bucaro CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

“If you're looking for guidance in growing your business while strengthening your brand, you'll want David on your team. I appreciated his top-notch marketing expertise and rapid-fire style of getting things done. He's the consummate professional AND he's fun to work with too!”
-- Maria van Hekken, PCC, Leadership Expert

“Through David's skillful consulting, I was able to quickly define and create focus areas, ideal clients and messaging. David is a person of highest integrity and is an absolute joy to work with. David provides exceptional value and I would recommend him without reservation to anyone seeking marketing help from a true guru!”
-- Carlos Adame, Senior Human Capital Partner at UnitedHealthcare

“Do you REALLY want to grow your business? Then hire David Newman! David provides more solid marketing in one hour than you can imagine. Actionable ideas flow from his personal and collective experience in growing professional services firms.”
-- Michael Roby, President, Michael Roby and Associates

“It is frightening to see just how "spot on" David is with his strategies. Within the first few minutes of his presentation, I had already written down three million-dollar ideas. I can't wait until I get to see one of his presentations again.”
-- Gerard Braud, CSP, CEO, Braud Communications

“If your people are interested in doing better at marketing and growing their business, then don't wait another minute -- call David NOW and invite him to speak for your organization. David will load up your audience with "do-it-now" marketing tools and "uncommon sense" marketing strategies that will bring them more focus, more momentum and more clients,”
-- Manny Diotte, CEO, Manuel Diotte International, Inc.

“David was an amazing inspiration when I was drowning in my business. He gave me a few simple guidelines and helped me find that marketing attitude that sticks with me to this day. David is a great asset to our company!”
-- Terri Waterman, CEO, Surreal Concepts

“Beyond being highly personable and a project champion, David goes above and beyond, bringing new ideas to the table even under tight timelines.”
-- Brian D. McCarthy, National Projects Manager, Tipping Point Media LLC

“I am an extremely satisfied customer. Your content was rich and relevant, your examples were meaningful, and your delivery was high impact and full of energy. Your message should be mandatory for everyone who is serious about fortifying their professional game. Thank you for your insights. Keep doing what you do.”
-- Karla Scott, MBA, President, Global Ways Incorporated

“I hired David Newman because of his outstanding reputation as a marketing consultant. As a result of our work together, I am attracting more of my ideal clients at a consistently higher rate than I was charging before. And I now view marketing as a much more enjoyable aspect of being a business owner."
-- Lisa Kramer, PCC, Founder, Living with Intention LLC

“Smart. Imaginative. Extraordinarily insightful! Each time I have asked David to advise us on a strategic matter, he has brought us a blend of creativity and imagination. I highly recommend him!”
-- Carl Francis, President, Envisian Strategic Advisors Inc.

“Once again, David does it! David gave me priceless advice to expand my business and get my brand in front of the right decision makers. His creativity, expertise and willingness to think big and differently is what makes him such a valuable resource to have in your corner.”
-- Julie Cohen, PCC, Founder, Julie Cohen Coaching

“What makes David great is that he probes you with little bits of insight that work like electrical shocks that finally jar your mind enough that suddenly great marketing ideas appear. David teaches you how to do marketing on your own. You can't go wrong hiring David.”
-- Ted Garrison, CSP, President, New Construction Strategies 3.0

“David made all the examples relevant to our industry and wasn't afraid to share the "tough love" message that many folks in our group needed to hear - namely, that marketing is not an optional activity and that it CAN be not only fun, but highly profitable. David is among the very best speakers our group has hosted in a long time.”
-- David Bush, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Programs in HR & Professor of Organizational Psychology at Villanova University

“David is a FABULOUS marketing genius. He is creative, constructive, resourceful, and smart. With his help I was able to crystallize my brand, define my market, quantify my value proposition and articulate my products and services. As a result of working with David I have the clarity and confidence to take my business to the next level.”
-- Cheryl Rice, President, Cheryl Rice Leadership

“David is one of the freshest thinkers and marketers I know when it comes to marketing professional services. He's creative, fast, and I can't say enough good things about him.”
-- Gerry Lantz, Founder, Stories That Work

“David brings a charming wit and energy to his presentations that keeps the audience engaged and delivers great take-aways. David addressed a packed room, and he hit it out of the park. The feedback we received was nothing short of glowing.”            
-- Brian Wiggins, Director of Sales, Philadelphia Business Journal

“David did a fantastic job speaking at our bank's 1-day "all-hands" conference. His entrepreneurial ideas are always fresh, actionable, and highly memorable. If you have a group of people who want to boost their marketing meter to "10" and generate more clients and more revenue fast - hire David to get the job done!!”
-- Micki Kind, Training Manager, Citizens Bank

“David has a spirit of excellence, a creative muse that inspires and an energy that won't quit. He mixes communication, professional creativity and passion, IQ and EQ for a powerful recipe that creates marketing success!”
-- Hannah Oakman-Brown, Coordinator, Exelon Women’s Day of Empowerment

“In a word: Hire David. Do it now. He is high energy, positive and always has great ideas that you can actually execute on! David "gets it" and is very focused on you and is committed to your success. If you want a marketing mentor, strategic advisor, and tactical guide all rolled into one - David is your top choice bar none."
-- Todd Cohen, President, Sales Leader LLC

“In my experiences with David I find him to be a true "Renaissance Man". He is knowledgeable about his area of expertise but brings much greater vision and an innovative spirit to everything he engages in. A really super fellow in every respect and someone who will go the extra distance to help you succeed.”
-- Irving Tyler, CIO, Quaker Chemical Company

“When it comes to marketing, David walks the talk. He teaches entrepreneurs winning marketing strategies guaranteed to work. Why guaranteed? Because David applies the same strategies in his own company. David's success and voluminous list of satisfied clients speaks loudly.”
-- Steve Coscia, President, Coscia Communications

“When David talks, business owners listen, he is a marketing genius with unique ability to influence, mentor and guide people into the right positions as well as having them positioned for success. David will teach you how to make it happen.”
-- Carol Ritter, President, National Speakers Association, Philadelphia

“David is just brilliant at messaging. His marketing brilliance evolves around being able to distill complex concepts into simple messages that are absolutely "on target" ...and as a result they cut through the noise. Try him out by giving him a challenge and see what I mean.”
-- Jim Lucas, Chairman and Founder, Vistage Brandywine Valley

"David intuitively captures your core message and generously teaches you how to creatively gain market attention to attract clients. He champions those he works with thus elevating what could be an ordinary business interaction into an inspiring, developmental experience!"
-- Marjorie Johnson, Owner, Ascend Consulting

“David is a true source of energy and creativity. Whenever you are trying to come up with a new marketing idea, he never disappoints with an amazing answer. His enthusiasm is beyond contagious. He really has a passion for what he does and it shows in everything he creates.”
-- Marcia Zaruba O'Connor, President, The O'Connor Group

“David helped me clarify my marketing message and translate it into actionable steps that led to more business for me while at the same time I increased my fees by 150%... all within 6 months of taking his course.”
-- Steve Foran, CEO, Giveraising Development Services

“David offers success-driven business owners powerful and customized solutions designed to ensure growth and create client demand. His deep knowledge of and experience in marketing make him a sharp and value-added source. David’s results are outstanding.”
-- Sara Canaday, McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin

“Between David’s seminar and our individual coaching, it was really one of the best values I have received to help me grow my business and give me the confidence in marketing my services. David really is the Great Guru in marketing for small businesses!”
-- Tom Sheives, Project Management Institute Worldwide

“David's programs are chock full of useful information and resources. He has also given me many great ideas that I could easily implement. I recommend David to any business owner who needs to effectively market his/her business.”
-- Terry Welford, President, The Welford Group

“David and his team have cracked the code. His blend of all the various aspects of marketing, social media, online and offline promotion, and targeted connection-building allows clients to focus on two core activities: growing their practice as a thought-leading professional, and both attracting and closing best-fit prospects. Five stars on a three-star scale - hire him, he’s the real deal.”
-- Scott Messer, President, Sales Evolution LLC

“David is a true expert in the field of marketing professional services. I have worked with David for almost two years now and I can count on him to consistently come up with creative ideas to market the services of our company.”
-- Scott Hunter CSP, President, The Hunter Partnership Alliance

“We hired David Newman to speak to our annual meeting of commercial real estate professionals. It's a tough group to please at a tough time in their businesses - and David delivered exactly what we were looking for in a high-impact nuts-and-bolts program that got people energized, excited, and equipped to close bigger and better deals faster.”
-- Kevin Flynn, Jr., President, Commercial Industrial Investment Council

“David was an absolute asset in helping me focus my business strategy. Always available, and focused on my business success, he was able to cut through the noise and help us find our niche. I recommend David's work for the business owner who wants to go from good to great!”
-- Marsha Egan, CPCU, PCC, Author of “Inbox Detox”

“David delivered top notch marketing and thought-leadership content with humor and a constant push towards action and implementation. When David says you should give value like crazy, he's not kidding and he models what he says. If you want street-smart marketing know-how, tactics, and implementation steps to DO IT, hire David."
-- Jane Lovas, Principal, Lovas Consulting Group

“Biting insight. Immediately applicable marketing techniques. Exceedingly humorous delivery. If you are looking for a marketing speaker, I highly recommend David. His company and approach is DO IT! Marketing. And that is exactly how I encourage you to respond to any proposal with his name on it.”
-- Brian Walter, CSP, President, Extreme Meetings

“David knows what it takes to market thought-leaders successfully. He brings three dimensions to his work - the real-world perspective of an executive buyer, the proven strategies of a marketer, and the tools and templates of a highly skilled tactician.”
-- Diane Lemonides, President, Luxury Marketing Council

“David is a great resource and true professional. David helped us get our focus in gear for business development. He helped me with invaluable insights into my approach. I look forward to working with David again in the near future.”
-- Jose Palomino, Author of “Value Prop” and President, g2m Group

“David Newman knows how to connect people to where everyone wins. If you are a small business owner/entrepreneur looking for ways to stand out in your marketing, then David Newman is your man. David Newman rocks!”
-- Robin Creasman, television producer, Robin Creasman Productions

“David is the hardest working man in the world of marketing. He is tough, but in a kind and caring way. If you want to take your business to the next level, you need David Newman and all the expertise he has to offer.”
-- Quay Hanna, Professional speaker and educator

“David’s presentation on marketing hit it out of the park and gave me some wonderful ideas on how to enhance the way I position my business.”
-- Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP, National Speakers Association President 2012-13

“Don't call David. You're probably not ready. Yes, you're a thought leader, entrepreneur, or expert in what you offer, you even make a 'decent' living doing it. But ask yourself: Do you have the courage to take it to the next level? If you're ready, take the red pill – CALL DAVID – you stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”
-- Chris DiFonzo, Founder and CEO,

“David Newman is first a person of high integrity. The value he provided to me in terms of strategy, marketing, positioning, and execution has been priceless.”
-- Eddie Osterland, M.S., America’s First Master Sommelier

“The best part about David's marketing advice? It's motivating! For someone like me who usually wants to run in the opposite direction the minute I hear about sales tactics, the fact that I'm actually looking forward to applying his strategies is HUGE! David makes a ton of sense in a un-common sense kind of way!”
-- Marie-Josee Shaar, Founder, Smarts and Stamina

“Having experienced a multitude of sales and marketing programs, I was astonished at the tangible and immediate results of David’s action-oriented process. I walked away with two results – an increase in clients and revenue, and a yearning to continue to apply these skills. Finally, something that works!"
-- Gail Welkes, President, Focus Personnel

"I came to this process with a boatload of raw material. In a very short time, your insights helped put all the pieces together in a highly marketable package. You provide extremely high value. I'm still learning from your ideas!"
-- Skip Shuda, CEO, Philly Marketing Labs

"David, your program is right on target: practical, nuts and bolts, and loaded with valuable resources, strategies, tools, and tactics that all of us can benefit from. In over 30 years of my professional career, I’ve rarely seen your unique combination of professionalism, humor, mile-a-minute content, and high level of personalization and client engagement."
-- Steven M. Horner, Founder, Consultants Forum

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