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Marketing Coach: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Outrageous

outrageous monster marketingOutrageousness works. If, you have the guts.  And if you’re an entrepreneurs, we know you have guts, so why are you afraid to let your story out?

“I’m afraid to alienate all my potential customers.”  Well, you don’t want EVERYONE to be your customer – just the ‘special” people.  Your customers will choose you and be loyal to you the more they feel they can relate to you.  So don’t be afraid to be yourself – it will attract your ideal customers that you like and that will like you back.

“I’m just not funny and energetic.”  You don’t have to be.  Look at people like Ben Stein and Steven Wright.  These are two individuals who have made the deadpan work.

“What’s my company’s hook? What do I focus on?”  This is where you have to dig deep.  Think back to the passions and pet peeves you have about your business. Think of a defining moment when you were energized to get something done a certain way.

Need help putting the “Shock Factor” into your marketing and getting your ideal customer to notice you?

Here is an awesome FREE virtual event this Wednesday 10/30, that can help you stand out in a sea of sameness: Outrageous Monster Marketing.

What’s the most outrageous thing YOU'VE done to promote or define your business? What outrageous things do you WANT to attempt, but have been too afraid to try? Use the COMMENTS section below and...

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