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Are you affordable?

Are you affordable?

I was recently skewered on Facebook when I posted an innocent question - namely - "Does anyone know an affordable top-notch graphic designer?" 
All sorts of morons (some were graphic designers!) came out of the social media woodwork to attack me, call me a hypocrite, and pontificate on and on about how premium work is worth premium fees and that I was trying to buy a Ferrari with a VW budget, yadda yadda yadda. 

They obviously didn't know me and how fiercely I advocate for my clients and audiences to deliver high value at premium fees. 

But this also raised the question - When should an entrepreneur, business owner, or independent professional position themselves as "affordable"? 

Here's my super-simple definition of "affordable" - it's GREAT stuff at a GREAT price. 

Don't make the mistake of confusing "affordable" with "cheap" - affordable is high value at a price that makes sense. 

  1. The Do It! Marketing logo (yes, that handsome devil at the upper left of this web page) cost me $375 from a brilliant designer in Australia.  
  2. A former client recently hired a logo designer on for $5. It looks atrocious.  
  3. Another client previously hired a branding and design agency and paid $2,500 for custom logo development.

So which option is "affordable"? The $5 logo is crappy work done dirt cheap. The $2,500 logo is awesome work at a premium price. And my logo is great stuff at a great price. Ding, ding, ding... 
So the question for you is... Do YOU have an "affordable" offering in YOUR portfolio of products, services, and programs?

Something so good - and so affordable - that it can serve as a "gateway" into your world that a lot of your prospects can benefit from. 

Some clients will buy the "affordable" and stop there - AND be very glad of their "affordable" relationship with you and be thrilled with how you are helping them solve their urgent, expensive, and pervasive problems...  

And some of your "affordable" clients will want to deepen the relationship with you once they've benefitted from your great stuff at a great price... 

And still others will become your influencers, recommenders, and referral sources for not only your affordable offering - but for your high-end, premium offerings as well. 


FINAL QUIZ: So is it OK for you to be affordable? 


ANSWER: Yes it is. And it may very well be the KEY to your success!


p.s. I'm taking my own advice because this is affordable.