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Marketing Coach: Forget Homework - Go Get Results


As a marketing coach and marketing speaker, I bend over backwards to maximize value for every client and every audience.

So I was not at all surprised when a former client calls me out of the blue with this request:

“David, we’re about to get serious about our marketing. Can we jump on the phone for a few minutes to talk things through?”

And of course I said yes.

No charge, just a catch-up call for an old client and friend.

We talked for about 30 minutes and I gave him and his marketing person some solid strategies for charging much higher fees, specific instructions on how to handle his sales conversations, and how to systematize their marketing via email, Linkedin, and the phone to qualify more and better prospects fast.

The next day, I get this email from him:

“Thanks so much for all your help, man. By the way, just quoted a $10K deal - never would've happened without you. I'll let you know what happens.”

I then reply with this note:

"Yes, yes, yes!!! And if it comes through at 10k - I may just put you in a headlock and cajole you to join this program so that we STAY connected and so that you KEEP making more and more and more MONEY: Let me know what you think of my insane plan..."

And - at great long last - here’s the POINT of this post… he sends me back a reply that says:

"I don't know, I may have to catch up on all my other homework from your other program first, but I will keep it in mind. Thanks!"

Did I assign any homework? No I did not.

Did I give him 30 minutes of advice that could put $10,000 in his pocket right away? Yes I did.

Is this about “doing homework?” No.

Is this about getting results? Yes.

So here’s my advice for all you professional development junkies out there - especially if it’s in the arenas of marketing, sales, and business development:

You don’t need more information...

You need more implementation...

You don’t need more “How to”...

You need more “Do! Do!”

And that’s what the new Do It! Marketing Accelerator program is all about.

Simply put - there is NO homework.

This is NOT a “course” or a “class” - it’s a guided implementation program that helps you with specific action steps, strategies, tactics, and tools to get you more business and break through to a $10,000 per month business - and beyond.

Calling it "homework" is insane.

Nobody likes homework - hell, you didn’t do your homework when you were in 8th grade, why would you start now?

However - as an entrepreneur, service business owner or independent professional, you BETTER do the WORK to grow your business…

Otherwise you’ll continually struggle, sputter, and spin your wheels...

If this sounds like you, then maybe it’s time to forget the homework - and go get results.