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What do YOU want to know about book marketing?

book marketing surveyAlright, you talked me into it... 

I get a ton of questions about book marketing - how to sell more books, how to market your book, how to do your book launch, yadda yadda.

Example FAQ's: 

  • How can I market my book as a first-time author?
  • My book came out X years ago - is it too late to launch it properly? (Answer: NO!)
  • Do those amazon bestseller campaigns that cost $5k or more really work? (Hint: NO!!)
  • How much should I pay a publicist to help with my book launch?
    (Surprise: Zero)
  • How do I let my email subscribers and social media followers know about my book without being a pushy jerk?
  • How do I get celebrities and famous people to endorse my book?
  • What do I need to do before, during, and after my book comes out to ensure sales, media attention, and tons of great reviews?

And the list goes on...

And I love it because I'm ridiculously passionate about book marketing and I'd love to see YOU and your book enjoy the same massive success that my book has had...

So I'm going to take the bull by the horns and ANSWER your questions in a series of short videos.

Please click here to take this ONE-question survey.

Let's DO this:

You're awesome. Thank YOU!!

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