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Marketing Coach: Is Excitement Killing Your Business?


You did not start your speaking, consulting or professional practice because you woke up one day and said...

"Gee, I'm EXCITED to market and sell all day... Nothing I love more than hunting prospects and facing daily rejection, fear, uncertainty and doubt. Oh boy, I can't wait to start another day of THAT..."

But you probably DID start your speaking, consulting, or professional practice because you are EXCITED about entrepreneurship and running your own show... you are EXCITED about sharing your ideas... you are EXCITED about helping people and making an impact on their work, their lives, and their success.

Well, this EXCITEMENT might be precisely what is killing your business! More on this concept in a moment...

  • Did you make a goal LAST year to kick it up a notch (or three) in your speaking, consulting, or professional services practice?
  • Are you tired of being the best kept secret in your industry or professional expertise?
  • Do you want to raise your personal visibility as an expert in front of your prospects and clients?


Excitement... is fleeting - and what's worse, it is unfocused. As entrepreneurs, we often get excited about NEW ideas, NEW business models, NEW opportunities - and too often these turn out to be NEW distractions that reduce our level of focus, clarity, and momentum. Excitement is about SPENDING emotional energy. 

Yes, it's positive and fun - but it can often lead you to suffer from "shiny object syndrome" where you're excited about your new ideas but end up spinning your wheels in frustration because your new ideas have no traction or framework to be turned into results.

Execution... is permanent - It is about getting into focused daily action and moving things - one at a time - from your "TO DO" list to your "DONE" list! The more you execute, the more you will find yourself having greater levels of focus, clarity and momentum.

Action begets action.

The path emerges where one step leads to the next and pretty soon, you have accomplished more, gotten concrete results, and built a new foundation for doing even better in the future.

Execution is a muscle - When you exercise it, it gets stronger and stronger. And the bonus? When you execute and succeed - you earn the other kind of excitement - the kind that PAYS YOU BACK in emotional energy and gratification.

Hope you'll consider adding some EXECUTION to your EXCITEMENT about your upcoming business success!

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