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Really, Microsoft, Really? Throw Your Work Out the Windows

Let me start by saying I'm not some crunchy, helpless, hapless, whining technology boob.

Quite the opposite in fact... from 1992-1996, I worked in technology consulting and I became one of the first wave of Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCT) on the East Coast. I know all about batch files, command line programming, operating system voodoo, and way the hell more than I care to know about the ugly smelly guts of Windows.

I was also one of the first folks online... WAY before the web. My CompuServe account was "73247,731" in 1984 so I can tell you the thrill of upgrading from a 300-baud modem to a 1200-baud modem. Man, I was *flying* with that baby!!

Alright - enough of our stroll down memory lane... the rest of my 1,000 words can best be told with this picture - the one where you'll see six - count 'em SIX - separate error message dialog boxes on a graphically corrupted screen and totally locked up system:

really microsoft really throw your work out the windows


Funny how my black MacBook never does this.




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