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Marketing Speaker: "Keep your mind on the hole you're playing"

"Keep your mind on the hole you're playing."
-- Tom Kite

Marketing speaker, marketing coachI'm a marketing speaker - I am not a golfer, but the following bits of wisdom from former US Open champion Tom Kite contain value for you that you can apply way beyond the links...

  • You can only play one hole at a time. That's the first step toward how to think like a pro. An important key to a successful game is staying in the present.
  • Resist the urge to add it up. If you anticipate your score, you'll be distracted from the task at hand.
  • Focus. Concentrate on hitting great shots rather than worrying about bad ones or what others will think.
  • Visualize the ball going to your target. If your mind wanders, refocus and start over again.
  • Don't worry about the shot you just missed, or how you're going to play the 18th. Taking care of the present lets the future take care of itself.


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