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The Secret Behind the Secret Plus 10 Tips

doitmarketing, doit marketing, there is no secretThere is no secret.

Come on, you're a smart cookie - you knew that. 

Here are the 10 key things you need to know... 

1. You gotta believe.

2. You gotta work your face off.

3. You gotta stay the hell off email or it will kill you.

4. Writing a great book or delivering a killer keynote speech or being an awesome professional service provider is NOT enough.

5. You have to market and sell your pants off. Day in. Day out. Happy or sad. Rain or shine. Feel like it or not.

6. Illegitimi non carborundum (If you're any good at all, a few people will hate you. And come after you. And it's rarely a stranger. Shrug it off and move on.)

7. The more you ask for help, the more successful you will be. (I've rarely seen entrepreneurs and business owners ask for TOO MUCH help on their ascent to success. I've seen plenty of entrepreneurs refuse to ask for ANY help on their decline to failure.)    

8. If you insist on focusing exclusively on the core work of your business (serving your clients, writing, speaking, consulting, delivering projects, etc.) but you dislike (fear? hate? avoid?) the necessary marketing, sales and business development tasks, then you're not running a business. You're sitting on a time bomb. And that Starbucks apron will look very nice on you. 

9. When it comes to entrepreneurship, the mantra is: "Get serious, get help, or get out."

10.  You gotta believe. (Really.)

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