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Client Case Study: John Ramstead

"Best investment I've made in myself and my business"

Before join our mentoring program, the most John was paid for a speaking engagement was $200. He's now doing 24+ keynotes per year, getting $5,000+ each, generating 6 figures per year in addition to his coaching, training, and consulting for premium clients at premium fees. Listen to his story above. 


"I used to struggle with pricing, positioning and finding prospects."

"I was putting in a lot of work and not seeing great results, and finding too many free gigs!"

"Before, I was quoting $1,500 but the most I'd been paid for a speaking gig was just $200."

"I got my first $25,000 client for coaching."

"Your help with connecting my value to the fee was a huge game changer for me."

"This isn't a hobby for me, I want to have a successful business, supporting my family and traveling."

"I walked out with actionable copy, messaging, speaking and coaching packages, and exactly how to market plus real-world feedback from you and the other brilliant people in the group that this was really going to work."

"Light years better than sitting here alone trying to figure it all out myself."

"In the last 12 months, I've had about 24 paid speaking engagements, averaging over $5,000 each. That's not even including my coaching and consulting clients!"

"I just moved my coaching rates from $25,000 to $30,000 per executive and some clients pay more if it's coaching for a whole team."

"It's now time to invest in yourself and in this mentoring."

"I thank you constantly for what this program gave us. I went through it with my wife who is also my business partner, and we both still refer to your materials regularly - it's this constant resource and encouragement to keep moving forward." 

"If you're serious about building a business, you need to find someone to help you. You can figure it out on your own because we're all smart people. But why take three years to do something that could take you three months?"

At Do It! Marketing, we help speakers, consultants, and experts to simplify their speaking-driven business, boost their impact and increase their income by $15K-$25K per month (or more) faster than they ever thought possible.

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On the call, we'll help you get total clarity on the business model, speaking model, and revenue model you really want, how to create it by reaching the exact clients and audiences who matter, and how to fix what's not working right now with your positioning, packaging, marketing, prospecting, outreach, and sales so that you improve your results FAST. 

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