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Client Case Study: Kathy Parry

"From sporadic $500 gigs to regular $6,500 gigs"

Kathy was up against competition from giant corporations and was struggling to get regular gigs and break past an $800 fee - until now. Listen to her story above. 


"I was up against competition from giant corporations and I needed a shift."

"I was pigeon holed and wasn't getting the fees or work I wanted, I needed help!"

"My fees went from $500 to $6500 after doing the work in the program"

"I feared I may have had to get a J-O-B before I met you."

"I previously bought training and mentorship but wasn't seeing the results I wanted."

"I loved your very specific and streamlined instructions on what to do to succeed."

"I would still be awake at night worrying about how I was going to make this work, if I hadn't met you."

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