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Client Case Study: Libby Gill

"I would have happily paid double your fee!"

Libby was already a highly successful speaker when she joined the program, but as she says, who doesn't want to learn how to get more bookings and higher fees?! Listen to her story above. 


"I can make in one hour as a speaker what I can in 3-6 months as an Executive Coach."

"I loved being able to reach out to you during the program, you and Theresa really care."

"Getting more frequent and consistent bookings at my target fee of $15,000 - $18,000"

"Over the years, I've tried almost everything. Coaches, speaker bootcamps, seminars. I've always had too much sales resistance and seeing how you work, you just blew me away and I knew I had to do the same for my clients."

"Early wins were getting clarity on my messaging. Convincing a meeting planner with my new language that this topic was important to their audience. I got the gig and the meeting planner was so thrilled afterward, I turned on my phone and she gave me a video endorsement on the spot."

"I could be and should be a better marketer and you helped me reignite that."

"It was great that there were different levels of speakers in the program, you addressed all levels skillfully, in a way that helped everyone, and encouraged me to look at foundational aspects of my business that I had neglected for years."

"By the end of your program, I would have happily paid double your fee! I'm saying that now because within 2 months, I had already tripled my investment back from your mentoring."

At Do It! Marketing, we help speakers, consultants, and experts to simplify their speaking-driven business, boost their impact and increase their income by $15K-$25K per month (or more) faster than they ever thought possible.

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On the call, we'll help you get total clarity on the business model, speaking model, and revenue model you really want, how to create it by reaching the exact clients and audiences who matter, and how to fix what's not working right now with your positioning, packaging, marketing, prospecting, outreach, and sales so that you improve your results FAST. 

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