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Making Millions with Tele-Seminars, Webinars and Content Marketing



Making Million’s with Tele-Seminars, Webinars and Content Marketing with David Newman of Do It Marketing – Part 1

Today’s guest David is the author of DO IT! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition.

David works with executives and entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as thought-leaders and generate MORE leads, BETTER prospects and BIGGER sales.

David’s worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies; directly helped over 300 speakers, authors, executives and entrepreneurs raise their game and deliver their highest value. And who knows how many entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs have been assisted through David’s books, talks and videos.

If your looking to generate leads, make more sales and get bigger sales, get ready to take some notes, because my man David dropped an amazing interview!

Book Chapter:

Why Your Business Needs To F.L.O.P (Feature & Leverage Other People On Your Site).

Core Message:

This is all about getting lot’s of experts featuring their stories, advice and tips on your site.

You do this in the form of interviews, guest blog posts, guest videos and other forms of content.

This gives you an unlimited number of ways to provide value to your community.

Your community is not sick of hearing from you. They just need diversity of stories to get the message in multiple ways.

This of course also helps you get your message out even more.

Magic Power’s:

David makes a really mean Gin and Tonic 🙂

Copy listening, this is the art of listening to your clients needs, wants, desires, questions and so forth.

Then you replay in your mind the what you’ve picked up through conversations, social media, during product launches and write to those wants, needs and questions in your copy.

This is the fastest way to write copy that connects.

Listener Mastery:

Tele-seminars or webinars, you want to run a 5 minute intro telling people that they’re in the right place and details of the event, what you’ll cover, etc.

20 minutes of your very best content (covering 3 to 4 chunks of content in most cases is plenty).

Then 5 minutes more to deliver you offer.

Finally a further 5 minutes to take questions and stack some bonuses to make people take action.

David covered an amazing amount of content on tele-summits, tele-seminars and webinars that you should seriously listen to right through. It’s million dollar income content!


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