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Tim Sanders Interview: Dealstorming

Tim Sanders has done it again - a masterpiece of specific, actionable, sales-generating ideas for growing sales by growing the sales team to include non-selling professionals.

With these tactical, specific, step-by-step strategies, any sales organization will be able to sell faster, sell smarter, and close bigger deals more quickly by leveraging the power of a sales-focused culture that starts with sales-focused conversation, collaboration, and action.

Is this idea simple? Yes.

It is easy? No way - not unless you have Tim's masterful book by your side to guide you at every step of the way to take your organization's sales from average to awesome.

Buy a copy for everyone on your team - stand back - and then watch what happens as you skyrocket your sales results.

Very few sales books deliver on their big promise - Dealstorming over-delivers and then some.