Persuasion Architecture™ Programs for Business Leaders and C-Level Executives

Persuasion Architecture for Leaders: You want to command more attention, lead change more easily, and impact key audiences more consistently. What you say and how you say it make all the difference. Learn to SAY it so they DO it. 

Persuasion Architecture for Sales: You want your company's products and services to stand out from the crowd, and become not only the best choice - but the ONLY choice. Messaging, positioning, and using prospect language about prospect problems is the key.

Persuasion Architecture for Webinars: You're working hard to make virtual presentations pay off. But you're having a hard time getting your prospects to sign up, show up, stay through the end, and take action. Transform every webinar into a sales magnet. 

Executive speaking engagements at conferences, industry and trade association meetings, and public-facing events are a vital part of your strategic marketing, communications, and business development arsenal BUT...

Most Companies Don't Have an Effective Speaking Strategy for Their Top Executives

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Source: Weber Shandwick

The Problem

Imagine playing a game every day – for money – and
not knowing all the rules...

executive speaker live content platform

Seeking and responding to executive speaking opportunities blind to ROI, based on a senior exec’s vacation schedule, or where the CEO likes to play golf (no, we’re not kidding.)

Spending tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars sending your senior leaders, marketing and sales executives, brand managers and others to speak at trade shows, conferences, and key industry events... Yet never knowing what worked, what didn’t, or how to improve for next time.

There has to be a better way... and now there is.

Live Content Platform™ from Do It! Marketing

Never before has a company focused on the growing need for organizations to systematically maximize the value of their industry experts who speak at conferences and to the media.

All Hands on Deck

executive speaker live content platform teamYour Live Content Platform™ is NOT just about your CEO.

The demand for executives such as your Chief Sustainability Officer, CFO, CMO, CIO/CTO and other thought-leading executives on the speaking circuit highlights the value of an "all hands on deck" approach to developing your Live Content Platform™ bench strength.

Your Opportunity to Dominate

executive speaker live content oppA strong Live Content Platform™ will:

  • Substantiate your company's expertise, message and brand
  • Enrich your company's relationships with its critical stakeholders, including key customers and prospects, partners, opinion leaders, the media, and internal audiences
  • Improve visibility and stature of your C-Suite executives and your whole public-facing leadership team
  • Influence the industry agenda at all levels – and give you the opportunity to own significant elements of it