NEW! How to Market, Sell & Monetize YOUR Expertise,
Establish Your Authority, and Get More Clients...

Is This YOU?

As a thought-leading entrepreneur, executive or independent professional, you’ve had much success over the years. Yet you sometimes find yourself pondering questions such as...

  • "Why don’t more people know about me and my company?"
  • "I'm on the revenue roller coaster. Isn't there a more systematic way to market and sell?
  • "There are so many new ways to reach clients these days; should I be using social media, email marketing, seminars, blogs, video? And do any of those even work in my industry?"
  • "I'm tired of being the best-kept secret among my prospects - What can I do to change that?"
  • "How come my competitors grab all the attention from the business media but not me?"
  • "How can I make prospects come looking for me rather than me always looking for them?"
  • "I feel like I have enough clients; why aren't I making more money?"

What Works Today: Get THEM to Call YOU!

Instead of driving your sales messages into a crowd of strangers over and over again like a sledgehammer, what if you could attract highly qualified clients like a magnet?

Let’s take this down to a very practical level… 

sales for speaking phoneQuestion: What's a better sales opportunity? When YOU call them or when THEY call YOU?

Answer: Most entrepreneurs, executives and independent professionals would say it's the latter.

Think about it: When prospects call and they've READ your material, they RECOGNIZE your authority, and they RESPECT your expertise, you usually close between 80-90% of those opportunities, don't you?

What you need are more conversations like THAT -- and that's where "Expert Marketing" comes in...

After all, when you ATTRACT prospects to you, it makes a lasting positive impact on your ability to:

  • Generate new and better-qualified leadsmarketing professional services, engineering, technology firms
  • Close more and bigger deals faster
  • Improve the quality and quantity of your referrals
  • Boost your word of mouth marketing power
  • Charge higher fees regardless of the economy
  • Book more business over competitors who are essentially "invisible" where it counts the most - in front of prospects and influencers!

Stuck? Just like YOU, I know what it feels like!

I've been there... stuck, spinning my wheels, falling in love with one idea after the next but not making a dime off any of it. It was painful, frustrating, and sad.

Zero dollars, zero clients, zero products, zero income...

This is where we ALL started. And from firsthand experience, I can tell you... IT'S NO FUN.

Today, it's quite a different story: I have 9 books (and one amazon #1 bestseller), dozens of operating websites, half a dozen highly profitable group coaching programs, a full roster of private marketing mentor clients, an annual conference, a massive social media presence and my articles and blogs reach hundreds of thousands of people in my target market annually.

Did this happen overnight? No way!!

Could it have happened a lot faster and with a lot less pain, time, money, headache, heartache, and anxiety knowing what I know today? Absolutely!

Do YOU have to struggle through the same growing pains that I did? Absolutely not!

The Expert Marketing Workshop covers the entire gamut of things you must know and do to create an information empire that churns out money month after month, year after year.

You'll discover how to establish yourself as a recognized authority, maximize your influence, and raise your personal visibility/credibility so that you get more clients... more easily and more often.

PLUS You'll get 8 BONUS Master Classes — in the areas of speaking, publishing, training, consulting, podcasting, mastermind groups, publicity, and social media delivered by the AMAZING Expert Marketing Workshop Guest Faculty. See who they are right now... 

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Here are the TEN MAIN REASONS this program will boost your success...

...and what you’ll discover in the Do It! Marketing™ Expert Marketing Workshop:

  1. marketing for speakers, consultants, and solo professionalsDevelop your Expert Profit Blueprint (Get PAID): Explore more than a dozen proven ways to monetize your expertise (including speaking, training, coaching, consulting, bootcamps, e-learning, licensing, and mastermind groups - just to name a few!)
  2. Build your Thought Leadership Platform (Get KNOWN): Decide on the perfect mix of visibility and credibility strategies to boost your influence, impact, and income (Yes, we'll talk about your articles, blog posts, books/ebooks, email marketing, images/infographics, podcasts, presentations, press releases, SEO, social media, surveys, teleseminars, videos, webinars, websites, white papers and more)
  3. Deploy your FLOP Strategy (Feature and Leverage Other People) It can be overwhelming to consistently generate a steady stream of expert content so you'll discover exactly how to tap into other experts, industry analysts and bloggers to contribute content, or curate existing content on a theme that appeals to your target audience (which further positions you as a trusted resource and raises your credibility)
  4. Package your services into a “signature program” that stands out amongst your competitors and showcases YOU as the ultimate authority in your field
  5. Become MAGNETIC to your audience and attract an abundance of high paying clients who truly value your service, happily pay your premium fees… and who are FUN to work with!
  6. Generate more revenue in less time while doing more of the things you love - creating content, teaching, speaking, writing - and getting a lot more personal time off
  7. Get the EXACT Templates, Scripts, Emails, Announcements, and Followup Marketing Messages that I've used to build a multi-six-figure business every year for the past 7 years - and generate significant repeat and referral business to boot
  8. Start Building Systems that will support your business as it grows so that you get up every day knowing EXACTLY how to invest your time, money, energy, and resources to get RESULTS. (Don't worry, we'll talk about defeating overwhelm and how to build your marketing and editorial calendars to maximize your success!)
  9. Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that serves YOU, your prospects, and your integrity AND fills your client roster (and bank account) - month after month, year after year 
  10. BONUS MASTER CLASSES: On top of our intensive 7-week group coaching program, you'll also learn from 8 top-notch experts who will present bonus master classes in the areas of speaking, publishing, training, consulting, podcasting, mastermind groups, publicity, and social media. 

Imagine a program that generates real results...

Speaker marketing coach, marketing speakerNo theory, no fluff, and no bull. And more importantly, NO MORE empty promises...

...just a stepwise DO-IT-NOW implementation-oriented plan to get you moving towards building YOUR empire, creating your personal visibility/credibility game plan and then walking you through everything you need to monetize your message, grow your audience, and become the go-to expert in your field.

You'll build a steady stream of well-qualified prospects and thrilled clients eager to hire you, rehire you, and enthusiastically refer your services to others...

The Expert Marketing Workshop 7-week program is unlike anything else out there. 

So if you truly want to leverage your time, talent, content, knowledge, and experience...

You must master not only marketing but also "Expertizing" yourself

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Ready to go behind the scenes?

You'll see firsthand how I built my own professional expert practice and have helped hundreds of other speakers, authors, consultants and solo professionals do the same.

And much more importantly - you'll discover how YOU can, too... 

Step by step.

Day by day.

This 7-week virtual workshop is for YOU - whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur OR whether you are just starting to think about ways to monetize your expertise ... these strategies will be vitally important to your success. 

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If you're new to the expert industry, you’ll shave years off of your learning curve... and, if you're a seasoned expert, this program may be the exact boost you’ve been looking for to launch (or re-launch) your business to its next level of success.

This one-of-a-kind program is personally led by me and delivered via weekly teleseminars, email, and our 24/7 online mastermind forum.

The real difference: we cross the chasm from information to implementation with weekly assignments that move you and your business forward in tangible, specific ways. You'll be amazed at your own progress starting the very first week!

marketing mastermind marketing coachingThis program includes:

  • Weekly Training Calls — filled with strategies, tactics, tools and templates all laid out for you. Nothing is assumed and nothing is left out. You get the A-to-Z toolkit on everything you need to make your expert marketing efforts successful in clear and actionable steps
  • 8 BONUS Master Classes — in the areas of speaking, publishing, training, consulting, podcasting, mastermind groups, publicity, and social media.
    Click here to see your Expert Marketing Workshop Guest Faculty
  • Recordings and Transcripts — so that you never miss a beat and can re-listen and re-read every course module, and refer to it anytime for years to come
  • Expert Marketing Workshop File Library — this is where you'll access every file, template, tool, script, cheat sheet, and resource PLUS some bonus material that I'll post in response to specific requests from YOU and your fellow participants 
  • Email Access — Need a resource? Got a quick question? You can get short answers from me personally via email 
  • Private LinkedIn Group for Expert Marketing Workshop Members — Ask and answer questions, get advice, insights, and recommendations 24/7 in our private Linkedin mastermind forum

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Committed to your success...

I am committed to making it possible for speakers, authors, consultants, and solo professionals like YOU to get the marketing tools, training, and support you need to make your expert business more scalable, more profitable, and more successful.

That is why I put together this program and deliberately kept the cost so low.

Everything is laid out for you - what to do and how to do it, what to say and how to say it to revitalize your business OR to help you get it right the first time and give your expert business the leverage, profits, clients, and recognition it deserves. 

And this format is designed to allow even super-busy experts like you to get the marketing help you want - and to create a thriving business.

Imagine what your life will look like...

Once you start to consistently market, magnify and monetize your expertise...

  1. You'll know exactly the type of clients you want to serve and where to find them
  2. You'll get laser-focused on how to invest your time, effort, energy and priorities
  3. You'll be positioned as an expert
  4. You'll feel extremely confident as your financial worries fade away
  5. You'll crisply articulate how your products and services help your clients
  6. You'll do ONLY marketing tasks that you find easy, effortless, and enjoyable
  7. You'll feel inspired, supported, and motivated to take action

For $777 you get access to a mentor who has DONE what YOU want to do PLUS 7 weeks of personalized support for bringing your business' full potential out into the world as you market and sell your high-profit programs, products and services.

It's just that simple. 

WHEN: Tuesdays @ 3pm US Eastern starting May 6, 2014 - ending June 17, 2014.
(BONUS Master Class schedule will be announced once program begins)

WHERE: Conference line - No computer required - Dial in from anywhere

ONLINE: 24/7 Access to Expert Marketing Workshop Private Linkedin Group, Call Recordings, Word-for-word Transcripts, EMW File Library PLUS By-request Bonus Content and Tools 

LIMITED SPACES: This will be a small group to ensure you get maximum value from me and from your fellow participants.

Register using the button below and let's build YOUR empire! 


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David Newman
Founder, Do It! Marketing

p.s. This 7-week program may be EXACTLY what you've been looking for to help you dissolve the overwhelm and walk you through EXACTLY what to do step by step to create products, programs, and profit centers NOT directly tied to your personal time, attention, and presence.

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