Develop, Market and Monetize Your Next High-Value Information Product...

The Product Development Toolkit™
8-week program begins March 5, 2013

This Program Puts Your First (or Next) Information Product
into Your Hands... FAST!

As a speaker, author, or thought-leading professional, do you...

  • Feel exhausted by long days filled with time-consuming one-on-one client work, running from one meeting to the next, and an endless stream of emails and phone calls...
  • Find yourself frustrated by chasing the broken business model of trading hours for dollars...
  • Fear that your business is taking over your life with less and less free time for creative play, family and friends, and proactive planning and business development...
  • Wish you could LEVERAGE yourself and your knowledge to generate more PASSIVE income... 
  • Want to figure out how to work with better clients while making even MORE money and working LESS? (Yes, really!!)

Shhh... Here's the SECRETproduct development toolkit speakers coaches authors you don't want your friends, clients, spouse, neighbors, or colleagues to know: Although you are very successful, you still want MORE... and you're really not sure how to get to that next level!

Somehow, some way, you want to grow your thought leadership platform so you get:

  • MORE Leads
  • MORE Clients
  • MORE Consulting Work
  • MORE Speaking Engagements
  • MORE Profits
  • MORE Passive Income
  • and 100-300% MORE Revenue... 

Which will in turn, help you generate:

  • MORE Clarity
  • MORE Confidence
  • MORE Control
  • MORE Cashflow
  • MORE Time Off
  • MORE Leverage
  • and dramatically MORE Freedom...

Just like YOU, I know what it feels like! And as a marketing speaker, marketing coach, and former VP of Product Development for a $5 million infopublishing company, I want to show YOU how to enhance  your cashflow, grow your client base, and increase your leverage by helping YOU create your NEXT information product FAST.

Are you already successful? Good! The Product Development Toolkit program was designed for you!

By all accounts, including your bank account, you may be ‘successful.' But it's very possible that the brand of success that you created has a price which can best be described with the saying, "Nothing fails like Success!"
create-infoproduct-trapImagine yourself after your initial success... speaking 50+ days a year at good fees; coaching dozens of senior executives a month; selling 10-15,000 books under your own steam; consulting and running seminars for your roster of Fortune 500 clients...

BUT today, you are traveling way too much, working way too hard, and there's no time to market your services, develop new products, write more books, or live your life! After reaching your initial success, you're now trapped by it!

That's problem #1. And in this program, I'll help you solve it.

- OR -

Are you just starting out? Good! The Product Development Toolkit program was designed for you!

You may be stuck in overwhelm mode... When do you market? When do you service clients? How do you balance all the demands on your time, energy, and brainpower?

Yproducts-for-speakers-coaches-expertsou may not have access to recession-proof marketing tools; your message might be ignored in an ultra-noisy marketplace; and worst of all, you may be unaware of the massive library of master's-level tools, techniques, and strategies that you could exploit RIGHT NOW to leverage the power of passive revenue more quickly than you can imagine!

That's problem #2. And I'll help you solve that one, too.

The moment you see exactly how you can break the link between your NUMBER OF HOURS you work and the AMOUNT OF MONEY you earn, it's not a question of IF you will earn more money... but "HOW MUCH MORE do you want to earn?"Speaker marketing coach, marketing speaker

Imagine a program that generates real results - No theory, no fluff, and no bull. And more importantly, NO MORE empty promises...

...just a stepwise DO-IT-NOW implementation-oriented plan to get your first (or next) high-value, high-leverage information product planned, created, and marketed...

Zero dollars,  zero clients, zero products, zero income...

This is where we all started. And from firsthand experience, I can tell you... IT'S NO FUN. Today, I have 8 books, dozens of operating websites, coaching programs, live seminars, bootcamps and more than a dozen high-value information products.

Did this happen overnight? No way.

Could it have happened a lot faster and with a lot less pain, time, money, headache, heartache, and anxiety knowing what I know today? Absolutely!

Do YOU have to struggle through the same growing pains that I did? Absolutely not!

The Product Development Toolkit covers the entire gamut of things you must know and do tcreating-information-products-casho create an information product from scratch, with little or nothing out of pocket, and build it into an information empire that churns out money month after month, year after year.

As one of only 10 participants in this program, you will:

  • Design the best product strategy and pipeline for your particular business;
  • Discover and evaluate potential niche markets;
  • Learn a simple, repeatable process for guess-free product development that ensures you only create products that your target market will be eager to buy
  • Author a new information product based on your expertise;
  • Package, promote, and price your product for optimum sales;
  • Set up your backend systems to handle online sales;
  • Adopt simple, no-hype, high-integrity methods of selling thousands of dollars of products each time you speak, train, coach, or consult with your clients;
  • Develop a continuing stream of new prospects to fill your professional practice and your marketing database;
  • Build long-term recurring revenue into your business model with licensing and certification programs
  • Do all of this in a specific, structured, and stepwise way to short-circuit any feelings of overwhelm and to regain full control of your business, your income, and your life!

That may all sound pretty good BUT... we've already established that you may be overworked, maxed out, spinning your wheels and NOT looking for more "jobs" to add to your plate right now. Fair enough.

product-creation-stopSo here's the  STOP-doing list for you when you register for The Product Development Toolkit program:


  • STOP paying thousands to be "published" in vanity anthologies
  • STOP using your basement to store thousands of unsold copies of your materials
  • STOP flooding the media with useless press releases that get shredded immediately
  • STOP the endless "chasing" of prospects, clients, and customers
  • STOP worrying about where next month's mortgage payment is coming from
  • STOP trading your precious time for too few dollars
  • STOP selling books, speeches, products, and services one at a time
  • STOP the drip-drip-drip of revenue and open up a consistent flood of cash
Marketing speaker coach, professional speaker marketing

You'll get a customized product development AND product marketing toolkit that FITS, WORKS and LASTS... and you're also getting the help and support you need over time to IMPLEMENT it to create RESULTS.

This one-of-a-kind program is personally led by me and delivered via weekly teleseminars, email, and web conferencing.

The real difference - you'll cross the chasm from information to implementation with weekly assignments that move you forward in tangible, specific ways. You'll be amazed at your own progress starting the very first week!

speaker marketing coach questionsFrequently Asked Questions
(and Answers):


1. Will the calls be recorded in case I miss one or would like to re-listen and review?
Yes, each of our weekly calls will be recorded
and available to you for later listening/review or in case you can't attend the live call. A few days after each call, you'll also be able to download a transcript in case you prefer reviewing the material we covered in written form.

2. When are our calls scheduled?
Tuesdays from 2pm-3pm Eastern
from March 5, 2013 through April 30, 2013.

3. Does the program include private consulting time where I will work with David individually on my product development and marketing?
Yes, I'll help you personally
via email and also through our private web conferencing/forum site. In addition, you'll get two private 30-minute calls with me to use in any way you wish before, during, or after the full program.

4. Will there be a chance to learn from, connect to, and build relationships with the other participants in our group?
Yes, you'll share resources, info, successes, challenges, questions, and answers with fellow participants
(and with me) 24-7 via our private web conferencing/forum site. Also, each weekly call will have a conversational segment; and you'll be able to connect with other participants to form mastermind relationships to keep each other accountable and moving forward long after the 8-week program is over.

5. Will I receive any written study materials when I register for the program?
Yes, as a participant you will receive a full electronic copy of my Product Development Toolkit Manual.
Includes easy product development tools; proven online and offline product marketing strategies and plenty of fill-in-the-blank samples for you to use. 

6. I'm ready to sign up BUT... I'll be unavailable or traveling during part of the 8 weeks. Will I still get full value and maximum results from the program?
Yes you will. 
The program is teleseminar-driven (all recorded and transcribed for you) with email support and 24/7 online forum access. We use Yahoo! Groups for private online conferencing/forums and during the 8 weeks, I usually supplement your assignments with some extra resources, tools and templates. Everything is archived, recorded and posted online so "real-time" attendance - although always good - is NOT required. Thus, you have maximum flexibility to absorb and apply the program at your own pace. 

7. OK, David - how much? 
Because of the group nature of the program, your investment has been significantly reduced.

  • Your investment AFTER Feb. 28 is $1,500
  • Early Bird: Your investment BEFORE Feb. 28 is $1,200

And to make this program even more affordable, you can choose the 3-EASY PAYMENT OPTION (automated billing of $415 via credit card for 3 months = total of $1,245) but only until February 28, 2013.

This will be a small group to ensure you get maximum value from me and from your fellow participants. 

8-Week Product Development Toolkit Starts Tuesday March 5, 2013 - REGISTER BELOW

I look forward to working with you if you're one of the FEW smart, brave, and committed entrepreneurs who want more leverage, more momentum, more clients, and more fun in your business not someday - but right now.
 Speaker marketing coaching

Marketing coach for professional speakers

-- David Newman

p.s. This 8-week program may be EXACTLY what you've been looking for to help you dissolve the overwhelm and walk you through EXACTLY what to do step by step to create products, programs, and profit centers NOT directly tied to your personal time, attention, and presence.

Contact us or call David at (610) 716-5984 to learn more.