30-Day Speaker Liftoff™

Launch (or Re-Launch) Your Speaking Business in 30 Days with This "Exactly How-To" Program for Speakers, Consultants and Authors


If your goal is to become a motivational speaker OR speak to audiences of YOUR target-rich buyers more often and have them walk away with two feelings: 1.) This guy/gal "gets it" 2.) We need to get this person to work with us - then you're in the right place. 

But here's the problem...

When it comes to professional speaking - whether you're doing it for LEAD-generating purposes for your consulting / coaching / solo practice OR whether you're doing it for REVENUE-generating purposes as a paid professional speaker, there's a ton of advice, information, coaching, classes, books, and resources out there but...

    •    Not enough IMPLEMENTATION...
    •    Not enough specific GUIDANCE...
    •    Not enough DAILY ACTIVITY MANAGEMENT...

A brilliant client asked me a brilliant question:

"David, If I'm just starting out, have no written articles, no fancy list of clients, no raving testimonials from people with big names, where do I start? What is step one? What is step two? What is step three?"
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That information has been incredibly hard to find - and that's because it didn't exist until now... 

30-Day Speaker Liftoff Starts Friday December 7, 2012 - REGISTER BELOW

3 Broken Myths and 3 Simple Truths...

Here are the top 3 broken myths that may be holding back your success in both lead-generating professional speaking and revenue-generating professional speaking...

speaker fees speaker marketingMyth #1: It takes a lot of money to start a speaking business -- or repackage, reposition, and relaunch your speaking business

Truth #1: It takes SMART money - less than $300 for this program and your savings increase even further if you follow the daily steps and use the recommended resources you'll get during our time together.

NOTE: Your investment here for 30 days of strategies, tactics, and daily guidance ($299) is LESS than a single one-hour session with "run-of-the-mill" marketing experts who don't even specialize in working with professional speakers, coaches, and consultants!!

speaker marketing coaching timeMyth #2: It takes a long time to build up the credibility, connections, and marketing assets you need to get booked to speak to your profit-rich target markets

Truth #2: It takes FOCUSED and GUIDED time. You'll be investing between 5-8 hours per week in this program. You'll know what to do EVERY day - and you'll get the tools, support, and resource to DO IT...

Myth #3: It is difficult to figure out and make time to implement all the marketing and "moving parts" of your speaking, consulting, or solo business practice

speaker marketing services to-doTruth #3: With DAILY ASSIGNMENTS and detailed "Do This Next" INSTRUCTIONS, in a single month, you'll build a thought-leadership platform with a range of investable opportunities that even veteran speakers, consultants, and solopreneurs would ENVY!

speaker marketing coach questions
Frequently Asked Questions
(and Answers):


1. "OK, David, what's the deal?"
The deal is for $299, we're going to spend 30 days getting you unstuck, get your best ideas formulated and moving into action, and get you re-packaged, fully prepped, and launched into the thick of the speaking business to help you generate more bookings, more revenue, more spinoff, and more referrals.

2. "I'm still in a corporate job or just starting out as a speaker or solo professional and I am literally starting with ZERO. Is this program for me?" 
Yep. This 30-day experience is designed from the ground up with YOU in mind.

3. "I'm a Certified Speaking Professional or advanced speaker. Is this program for me?"
Maybe it is and maybe it's not. Here's how to tell... 
  • If you're sure you've got it all figured out and you're making the money you want to make - No;
  • If you find yourself speaking for lower fees than you'd like - Yes;
  • If you're repackaging yourself for a new market or with new topics - Yes;
  • If you're reinventing some or all of your business - Yes;
  • Bottom line: you're welcome to join us but this group is mostly for people just getting (re-)started or who are in the early stages of growth (less than $150K/year revenue)
4. How will this program work?
Each day of the program, you'll get a specific assignment, task, or mini-project to complete. Nothing is left out - nothing is assumed - nothing is left to chance. This program is simple, but not simplistic.

speaker marketing coach 30 dayDay by day, you'll build everything you need - from honing your message to targeting high-probability speaking venues to social media, product development, email marketing, building out your website as a marketing magnet, and dozens of other topics, tasks, and tools.

Every few days you'll also get a BONUS item to speed your progress - it could be a video, audio, download, tool, template, cheat sheet, and even some special surprises I've lined up for you.

5. Will I get to build relationships with the other speakers in our group?
Yes. You'll have lots of group interaction with me and your fellow participants to share your ideas, questions, and feedback. Messages, answers, and mindsparks will be zooming across our private forum/collaborative website. The group nature of this 30-day experience makes it both a content-rich community AND a highly affordable coaching-into-action program that will strap a rocket onto your business and make it GO GO GO!

6. Will I have to work hard?
Not to mince words: Yes. Effectively packaging and marketing yourself as a speaker is NOT HARD - but it IS HARD WORK. For this program to be massively successful for you, you'll want to dedicate between 1-3 hours per day to the exact marketing for speakers payoffstep-by-step tasks outlined over the course of our work together. The best thing about this program is that it ensures you're working hard on the right things so that your focused effort leads to faster results and bigger payoffs!

You will have "rest days." And you will also have one or two 8+ hour days (mostly when you're building and practicing your new presentation). There are also some "writing days" where you'll use easy tools and fill-in exercises to capture your brilliance in articles, blog posts, and tip sheets that will round out your "Thought Leadership Platform"

speaker marketing do it services7. Are there some shortcuts I could take if I have more money than time right now?
Yes. These are strictly optional but you'll get access to my crackerjack team of marketing implementation specialists with whom I'm launching a NEW range of "Done For You" services which include blog management, article writing, email marketing and list building, social media implementation, and a WIDE variety of other services. The 30-Day Speaker Liftoff Program is designed to be 100% "Do It Yourself" but some people have already mentioned to me that it's either "Do it for me or it doesn't get done." And that's simply not a good option!!

8. I'm ready to sign up BUT... I'll be unavailable or traveling during part of the 30 days. Will I still get full value and maximum results from the program?
Yes you will.
The program is email-driven and forum-supported. We use Yahoo! Groups for private online conferencing/forums and during the 30 days, I usually supplement your 30 daily email assignments with some bonus resources, audios, PDFs and one (sometimes two) live conference calls. Everything is archived, recorded and posted online so there is very little "real-time" attendance required. Thus, you have maximum flexibility to absorb and apply the program at your own pace. 

9. How many people will be in the program with us?
The size of our group will be limited to ensure YOU get maximum value from the program. When the allocated number of slots are gone, they're GONE and the program will be closed.

30-Day Speaker Liftoff Starts Friday
December 7, 2012 - REGISTER BELOW

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I look forward to working with you if you're ready to kick some butt and get more focus, more momentum, more clients, and more fun in your speaking, consulting, coaching, or solo business practice -- not someday but right now.

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p.s. This 30-day program may be EXACTLY what you've been looking for to help you dissolve the overwhelm and walk you through EXACTLY what to do step by step... day by day... tactic by tactic.

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