Catherine Bernard, Marketing Manager

describe the imageYou should know…I am sarcastic to my core.

Professionally you may see this as a hindrance; for me, it gets me through tough times quicker so I look forward to coming back for more!

I love people and learning which is why Do It! Marketing is perfect for me! 

In a former life, I was on the “decorator” side of trade shows and meetings.

What I do:

I work along side of the amazing David Newman helping with all aspects of his business.  

I work on solving marketing problems and improving business for the people I work with. When I come up with a win-win solution, it makes me ecstatic!

If only I could be more: Carefree and irresponsible

Favorite piece of advice is: “Get some perspective”

Can’t live without: Sunny days

I never grow tired of: Feel good movies 

Retail item I am just NEVER going to get behind: