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What you will take away from this 60-minute info-packed program:

  • The new rules for experts who speak: Key changes and shifts in the speaking business that turn conventional marketing wisdom upside-down
  • Myth-busting truths you need to know: What the biggest myths are about the world of paid professional speaking - and what you need to know once and for all about how it really works 
  • Your clients' wants, needs and priorities revealed: What do your clients really want to see from you as a speaker they are considering? And what will scare them away and make them hire someone else instead of you?
  • Avoiding land mines: What are the biggest mistakes speakers make in their marketing - and how YOU can avoid them
  • Launch (or Re-launch) strategies, tactics and tools: Key marketing and sales advice for speakers who are building - or rebuilding - their speaking empire

Who's it for?

  • Professional speakers, business consultants, authors, high-fee experts, executives responsible for sales/marketing results 
  • Strategies are focused on business-to-business (B2B) marketing and paid professional speaking opportunities.
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