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Kickass PR that WORKS

professional speaker coach prFor professional speakers, consultants, coaches, independent professionals, and business owners, kickass public relations is often closer than you think.

It does NOT require an expensive PR firm or PR consultant - heck, it doesn't even take an expensive marketing coach - it just takes a simple public relations plan that you can execute yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

10 can’t miss PR moves:

  1. Write a book and get it published (Self-publishing is great - and get Steve Weber's Plug Your Book to maximize its PR value)
  2. Write articles for any periodical, newspaper or magazine- (Contact editors to see what they want – they’re hungry for good content)
  3. Produce and distribute your own Audio PPT presentation with voiceover track using Camtasia and share it on Slideshare
  4. Stand out - quit looking and sounding like everybody else - have a contrarian perspective, a unique voice, and a strong opinion about your topic, industry, niche, and expertise
  5. Speak to any group that will listen to you; the more you speak, the more you speak!
  6. Hold a free teleconference and invite clients, prospects, and guests from the media (print, radio, bloggers, etc)
  7. Join the organizations that your target customers belong to – and actively participate, offer to be their PR liaison, write their press releases, become the face and voice of that organization
  8. Be a smart networker and network daily!!! (Never eat alone!) 
  9. No boring business cards - no boring template websites  - no aol or email address - LOOK like a credible expert
  10. ASK!!!! Help, connections, and introductions are just 1 question away! 
  11. (Bonus) Establish REAL relationships with journalists and reporters – they’ll ask YOU for help!
  12. (Bonus) Take a giant shortcut by using - tell owner Dan Janal I sent you
  13. (Bonus) Comment on industry-leading blogs with insightful, valuable answers
  14. (Bonus) Do NOT ask a marketing speaker or marketing coach who can't count for advice on PR

p.s. If you'd like some personalized help - and your very own customized email and phone outreach tools, social media scripts, a killer email signature file, a polished referral blurb and more, check out the Small Biz Outreach Action Packs.

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