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Marketing Speaker: 12 Rules for Bringing Out the Best in People

As amarketing speaker  motivational speaker david newman motivational speaker in the area of marketing and business development, I'm often asked by CEOs and business owners about how they can be better leaders of their internal marketing efforts. 

My answer is you can't be a great marketing leader unless you're first a great leader.

Here are some guidelines that the best leaders across all disciplines have come to recognize as foundational to their leadership success and that I share with you for the benefit of your own marketing success:

  1. Expect the best from people you lead.
  2. Become fully aware of others' needs.
  3. Establish high standards of excellence; communicate them
    clearly and often.
  4. Create an environment where failure is not fatal.
  5. Climb on other people's bandwagons if they're going
    anywhere near the neighborhood you want to go.
  6. Employ stories, examples, analogies, and models to
    encourage success.
  7. Use a balanced mix of positive and negative feedback in
    a constructive spirit and with specific substance.
  8. Appeal sparingly (or not at all) to competitive or
    aggressive impulses.
  9. Encourage and reward collaboration.
  10. Build into the group an allowance for healthy conflict
    and "fights" around issues, not around personalities.
  11. Recognize and celebrate achievement.
  12. Take steps to keep your own level of motivation genuine
    and high

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