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Marketing Coach: How to identify with your prospects on your blog

marketing concept business bloggingGuest post by Diana Urban

Some of the benefits of having a business blog is that you can generate leads from qualified prospects who visit, establish yourself as an industry thought-leader, and build business relationships in the blogosphere. This is most effectively done if you identify the persona(s) you're targeting and establish your voice when launching your blog.

The first things to consider are:

  • Who are you writing for?
  • What are you writing about?
Know your audience
Think about the type of person, on average, who you want to attract to your blog. Is it a 40-year-old head of manufacturing? Does he have a family? What are the pressures he faces? What is he interested in? What kinds of things does he do and read? Or perhaps your target audience is a 24 year-old professional who lives in a major city. What does he look like? What motivates him? What interests him? You should develop marketing personas for the types of prospects you want to attract to your blog so you have a mental picture of who you are writing for, and you can easily communicate this to others.

Brainstorm articles
Considering your marketing personas, brainstorm some articles you might write to appeal to your readers. Come up with 5 or 10 topics you could write about.

Keep tabs on related blogs
Find related blogs on the web; these can serve as an inspiration and to connect with fellow industry experts. Engaging with related blogs to understand:
  • What are the current hot topics in your industry
  • Common topics that personas in your industry enjoy reading
  • Gaps in topics that you can cover in your blog
As you find blogs that are interesting, subscribe to them via RSS or email. 

Comment on related blogs
As you skim the articles, try to think of interesting and insightful comments you might be able to leave. Note that "nice article" and "I agree" are NOT interesting or insightful. If you can think of a good comment, leave it. If you can't, just move on. The goals of commenting on articles are:
  • Develop a reputation in the blogosphere as a thought leader
  • Generate some site traffic through any link to your website that you can leave in the comment
  • Get the blogger's attention, which is useful later when you are initially promoting your blog and building links
  • Get comfortable projecting your voice and joining the conversation happening on the web
  • Over the course of a week or two, as you continue to read blog articles and leave comments, you should start to get a pretty good sense of what other bloggers are saying, the kind of content people in your industry like to read, current hot topics, etc.
Based on all the work you've done, you should now be able to articulate the "who" and "what" of your blog. Congratulations!!

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