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Marketing speaker: Boost Productivity with The 7 Minute Life

marketing speaker david newman 7 min plannerI rarely - and I mean RARELY - promote products and programs presented by strangers. You'll only hear from me about top-notch folks whom I personally know or whose materials I've personally used and benefitted from.

Allyson Lewis' brand new "7 Minute Life" Productivity Tools is one such resource you really have to take a look at.

Have you ever felt like you were...

  • Working harder than ever, but not accomplishing anything that made you feel truly purposeful, proactive, and productive
  • Doing 'what you needed to do' for your family, friends and employer/clients, but weren't fulfilled
  • Spending most of your time 'putting out fires' and not accomplishing the really important things
  • Working hard for 'someday' when you'll be able to do what you want with the ones you love  -- feeling like there had to be more?

My friend, professional speaker and productivity expert Allyson Lewis felt that way too. But when someone introduced her to a new way of thinking many years ago, her life began a radical and wonderful change in just 7 minutes. And, yours can too!

Allyson Lewis’ work is about making things possible. With The 7 Minute Life™ System you get the motivation AND information to take you to the next level. This is a highly accessible resource you can immediately benefit from. 

Allyson developed a simple, yet powerful process for prioritizing, organizing and simplifying your life - to get more of what you really want in life and make more of a meaningful contribution to those around you!

Now, she's put some of the key processes and techniques she uses into a series of short videos so that you can become more productive and feel more purposeful in just 7 days! And, best of all, she's allowing me to give these videos to you for FREE!

Anyway, enough about what I think - pop over to the free videos on the site and decide for yourself if this is (finally) the "go-to" productivity resource you've been looking for to make "getting things done" easy, effortless, and enjoyable.

I know that's what it is for me!

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