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Marketing Coach: How to Follow Up on PR

marketing speaker philadelphia motivational speakerAs a marketing coach, clients often ask me about getting featured and quoted in the media. 

My short answer is simple: Subscribe to PR Leads (at $99/month, it's the best money you can spend on PR, bar none.)

Second question clients ask is, "How do I get the journalist to email me or circle back with me once the article is published or posted online?"

The short answer is - forget it. Journalists need you as a source and then they move on to their next assignment, hardly ever looking back, much less following up with egomaniacal entrepreneurs who drool over seeing their name in print (or electrons).

So you can chase these poor reporters and the only thing you'll do is ensure they NEVER use you as a source EVER again.

OR you can offer to help them.

Here's the template:



Wanted to circle back with you to see where things landed with your fabulous story.

Is it live online or could you send me a copy?

Let me know anything else I can do to promote, tweet, link to, and share your work.


-- David 


Guess what? This gets a response. 

Every. Single. Time.

Use it - share it - and please use the COMMENTS area below to share your experiences leveraging PR to help you grow your business. 

p.s. Want some expert help to get you started on article marketing and PR? This program might be exactly what you've been looking for. 

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