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Marketing Concept: You're Competing with Idiots - and They're Winning

Here's the problem for you:marketing speaker marketing coach you're competing with idiots

  • you have integrity
  • you have smarts
  • you have standards
  • you have ethics
  • you have conscientiousness
  • you have detail orientation
  • you have an innate desire to only deliver your best work

Why is any of this a problem? 

Because you're competing with idiots who have no hesitation to: 

  • charge more (way more in some cases)
  • deliver less (way less in MOST cases)
  • shoot faster
  • shoot more often
  • brag and boast with nothing but hot air and smoke
  • overpromise and package their offerings with more sizzle
  • underdeliver but become brilliant at evasion and deceit
  • game the system to win meaningless awards, garner inflated reviews, and continue to deceive the world that they are better than you.

Truth: they're not better than you at all. Not for a second.

But here's the rub: perception is reality.

Let me repeat that: perception IS reality.

You're fighting the wrong war.

  • You're trying to win the wrong game
  • You are who Google says you are
  • Your clients see what your LinkedIn recommendations tell them to look for

You are really fighting a two-front war:

1. Managing the perceptions of you and your firm

2. Managing the reality of you and your firm

The fakers are better at FAKING it.

So you better be better at DELIVERING it.

For real. Every minute of every day.

If perception is reality, then the sooner you get busy changing your perception, the sooner your prospects and clients will appreciate your reality.

Keep it real, people.   

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