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Marketing Coach: Skills Shaping on LinkedIn

skills shaping on linkedin marketing coach david newman doitmarketingAs a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I get a ton of questions about LinkedIn.

Although I'm no social media expert like my pal Corey Perlman, I have learned a thing or two about the REAL value of using the Skills feature on LinkedIn.

In case you missed it, here's my earlier post with a video that walks you through the REAL value of LinkedIn Skills and how YOU can maximize the connection value of endorsing the Skills of folks in YOUR network.

Below is part 2 of the series: Skills Shaping on LinkedIn showing you how you can decide EXACTLY which Skills are featured are on your profile, and how much you'd like to emphasize each.

After watching this video, you'll discover that YOU are 100% in control when it comes to your LinkedIn Skills: which ones you'd like to feature - and which ones you'd like to turn down or turn off - and why.

That's called "Skills Shaping" and you'll find it VERY handy...   

(Hit the "full screen" icon in the lower right for a bigger, sharper video)

Are we connected yet on LinkedIn? If not, I'm happy to put my professional network at your disposal here.

(And if we ARE connected and if you're comfortable doing so, would you be wonderful enough to give some love to the Skills you see on my profile? Thank you in advance for your help.)


What do you think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your experience and opinions about the Skills feature of LinkedIn...

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