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Blogging 101: 3 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Better

doit marketing blogging 101As a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I've noticed that my clients and audiences are always fascinated by the topic of business blogging - specifically blog writing

Questions include: 

  • How can you write so much?
  • Where do you find the time to write?
  • Do you REALLY post a new blog every day? 
  • Where do your blog ideas come from? 
  • Do you do your own writing or do you have people that blog for you? 
  • How do you know what to put on your blog and what to put in your email newsletter? 

This week, we'll dig into Business Blogging 101 and you'll master the basics of business blogging. So stay tuned and please DO use the COMMENTS area of the blog to share your own blogging advice, insights and recommendations. 

Let's dig in... 

Business Blogging 101: 3 Reasons Your Blog Isn't Better

Simple, really:

1. You are unable to write QUICKLY.

2. You are unwilling to write BRIEFLY.

3. You are inefficient at IDEA CAPTURE.

Notice I didn't include the two biggies that YOU probably think are YOUR problem - 'cuz they're not. These are... 

1. Inability to write. (That's a convenient BS lie/excuse)

2. Not having ideas. (That's another convenient - and bigger - BS lie/excuse!)

We'll address all of these business blogging challenges and more in this week's posts. So stay tuned for more Business Blogging 101...


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