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I'm Calling It Quits

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Please, for heaven's sakes - quit already. 

Over the past few weeks, I've come across way too many complainers, whiners, goofballs and goobers telling me how broke they are, how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, and how much they are struggling. 

Are you kidding me? QUIT NOW because...

  • If you want to make an EVEN trade of hours for dollars - get a JOB. 
  • If you want to be ASSURED of a paycheck - get a JOB. 
  • If you want OTHERS to define your work and your value - get a JOB. 


  • If you want to MULTIPLY your own paycheck - be an entrepreneur.
  • If you can PROVE your work has worth - be an entrepreneur.
  • If YOU want to define your work and your value - be an entrepreneur.

So you should QUIT right now...

  1. Quit whining
  2. Quit complaining when your ideas and projects "fall apart"
    (HINT: It's YOUR job to pull them together!)
  3. Quit saying lack of money is your problem
    (HINT: Lack of tenacity and creativity is your problem)
  4. Quit going it alone
  5. Quit hanging out with losers
  6. Quit freeloading
  7. Quit expecting "zero" investments (time, money, effort) to pay off
  8. Quit following the herd
  9. Quit relying on social media (it's the sauce, not the meat)
  10. Quit believing your own negative self-talk
  11. Quit playing the victim
  12. Quit jumping from one hare-brained scheme to the next
  13. Quit putting tactics before strategy 
  14. Quit under-spending and over-hoping
  15. Quit blaming others
  16. Quit blaming yourself
  17. Quit congratulating yourself on "the struggle"
  18. Quit bragging about how hard you work and how little you sleep
  19. Quit bragging (yes bragging!) about how little money you earn
  20. Quit telling yourself you're doing your best, when you're not willing to do what needs to be done
  21. Quit quitting when things seem impossible

Take a step back - breathe - think - regroup. 

This is no time to wimp out. 

Quit doing this destructive, dumb, demoralizing nonsense. 

And start turning things around. 

Today. Right now...  

Don't make me come down there and slap you upside your head! 

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