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5 Big Shifts You Need to Make for High-Fee Success


After working with over 500 consultants, speakers, coaches, authors, and service professionals, I found 5 big shifts for mindset and skillset improvement are vital to the success of folks who are ready to make the leap to a high-fee business model.

We’ll dig into the details behind all of this to get you ready to rock in the world of high-fee programs during this special masterclass but here are some gold nuggets and things for you to think about before then...

1. The first mindset shift is around money.

Here’s the sound bite: What’s expensive to YOU is not expensive to others.

YOU are not your client.

You need to understand that if you’re someone who drives a Toyota, there are people buying Ferraris.

If you live in a $500,000 house, you can have prospects who live in a $5 million house.

You have to get out of your own way when it comes to charging premium dollars for your premium programs.

"I could never charge that much" is a nonsensical statement. What you really mean when you say that is you would never pay that much – and that’s what’s killing your business right now and keeping you stuck in low-fee hell.

You need to charge what will attract the right kinds of prospects and will REPEL the wrong kinds of prospects.

2. The second mindset shift is that making a lot of money in your business is hard, complicated and overwhelming.

I’m here to tell you it can be easy, effortless, and enjoyable.

You don’t need dozens of moving parts and emails and websites and landing pages and technology and a hundred marketing jobs to do every day.

Making crazy money can be crazy simple.

I know this because I’ve done it both ways.

The hard way AND the easy way.

Many of my clients have done it both ways and guess what? The easy way is better.

High-fee simplicity ROCKS and the more you simplify, the more you will boost your focus, momentum, and results.

3. The third mindset shift is around the way you deal with distractions.

Let’s say you join the High Fee Mastery program that we’ll talk about later.

You start to build some momentum – you begin to see the light on how much leverage you can build into your business – and you even start to implement the first few steps of the program and you might even begin to see early results.

Then – BOOM – it happens.

You let yourself get distracted.

Shiny object syndrome.

A new opportunity.

A new offer from some internet guru takes you off track.

You feel you have to buy this new software or spend a lot of time engaged in this new social network that’s going to be the next Facebook.

But here’s the thing: every time you get distracted like that, it diminishes your chances of generating the high-fee success you deserve.

Success comes to those who focus relentlessly on one or two primary high-fee strategies and give them all they’ve got – day in, day out, rain or shine, happy or sad, feel like it or not.

You need to become a high-fee focus ninja and train yourself to immediately deflect and dismiss ALL distractions that keep you from making the kind of money you know you can make with some discipline and focus and depth.

Stop being a guppy skimming the surface and become the shark who swims in deep water and never takes his eye off the prize.

4. The fourth shift is mastering high-fee sales conversations.

Getting much better at them. And being way more comfortable qualifying (and disqualifying) so you focus like a laser beam on the exact prospects who you want to serve, who you can really help, and who will gladly pay for your high-fee programs. 

And learning to reframe a sales conversation as an enrollment conversation.

Not even enrolling people in your programs but enrolling people in the execution and realization of their desired outcomes and results.

And that is much, much easier.

Nobody wants your program – everybody wants their specific outcomes and results. More on that during the masterclass.

5. The fifth and last shift – knowing in your bones that the higher the fees you charge, the more commitment you’ll get from your clients.

This is true in your 1-on-1 programs like coaching and mentoring and it’s also true in your high-fee group coaching programs and it's true for your high-fee consulting services and also for your high-fee mastermind/elite access programs.

The higher the fee, the higher the commitment, the higher the commitment, the greater the level of client execution.

And the great the level of client execution, the better results your clients will experience.

So it actually SERVES your client better to charge premium fees because it leads to greater action and better results.

Unconditionally and across the board, I’ve seen this play out in dozens and dozens of different coaching, consulting, and professional service businesses.

Ready to get serious about your high-fee success?

Join me for this zero-cost advanced training and let's get your high-fee business model up and running and generating serious cash flow for you in the next 60-90 days.



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Professional Services Marketing: The Four Levels


There are four things that you need to focus on in your professional service marketing, four levels if you will.

The four levels are strategy, tactics, initiatives and action steps.
When you go to a conference, when you ask your mastermind group for help, even when you start searching the web for answers and resources to grow your business, the number one source of overwhelm is when we've heard a whole bunch of strategies, a whole bunch of tactics, a whole bunch of initiatives, a whole bunch of actions steps and we don’t know the difference.
  1. We can't do them all.
  2. We can't even prioritize or figure out how to start to think about them.
  3. We can't even distinguish which is what and why and how it might work for us.

So let's unpack this for your business...

Let's talk about level one, strategy.

A strategy is a big picture area of your business.

It could be a marketing-focused strategy. It could be a sales-focused strategy. It could be a financial strategy.

Let’s say you come across someone who tells you Twitter is an amazing marketing platform and you’re really missing out if your business is not on Twitter.

He's using it and it fits his business beautifully, of course and you respect this person and you admire their successful business. And now you’re thinking, "Oh man, it's all about Twitter Twitter, Twitter. This guy built his business on Twitter, so I can probably build my business on Twitter."

Well, all right, let's back that up and analyze that as far as the four levels of marketing.

Internet marketing is the strategy. Internet marketing is the big umbrella over Twitter. So you ask yourself, to what extent am I going to use an Internet marketing strategy in the sales and marketing and business development aspect of my business?

Internet marketing is the strategy.

The set of tactics under that would be social media. There's a lot going on via the internet, folks, that's not social media.

For example, search engine optimization, your website, the structure of your web presence, blogging, email marketing, dozens of internet marketing strategies. Social media happens to be one bucket under that, so social media is the tactic.

An initiative would be "I'm going to start using Twitter." This is level three now.

I'm going to start using Twitter. I'm going to start understanding it. I might read a book. I might go to some websites, I’m going to grab a copy of Twitter 101 or Using Twitter for business, all those fabulous resources that are out there for free. I'm going to become educated on that -- on that initiative.

Now, the action step - here's level four, the action step always takes the form of verb, noun, date.

  • Set up my Twitter account by Wednesday.
  • Load my first 30 tweets in Hootsuite by Friday.
  • Find 100 influential people to follow in my industry by Monday.

Those are action steps. And the action step can also go on your calendar.

So this approach really takes it down to "What am I doing today?"

What's on my priority to-do list today? Not what's on my to-do list because your to-do list could be 50 things, but what are my top three most important things that I need to do based on the strategies I've selected, based on the tactics that I’ve chosen, based on the initiatives that I've designed, what are the action steps to put on my calendar and get it done?

So let’s follow this through with a complete example -- let's say I'm in the insurance business. (I'm not but let's say YOU are!)

You're selling into the insurance marketplace, insurance companies and insurance agents, general agents, insurance associations, insurance publications, and you’re looking to become a dominant resource in that world.

Your action step would be "I want to follow 300 insurance industry folks on Twitter by April 13th." That's your action step.

Does that fit into an initiative? Yes. The initiative is aggressively grow my Twitter following targeted to the insurance industry.

Does that fall in to a tactic? Yes, it does. It falls in to the social media tactic or set of tactics.

Does that fall under a strategy that I decided to use? Yes, it falls in to my internet marketing strategy.

So right there, just unpacking those four levels, you've got some "A-ha" moments, some insights you can use to start to filter and sort all of your old ideas, old notes, all of those conference sessions that you may have gone to, all of those tactics and tools and light bulb moments, all those nuggets and sound bites that you may have swirling around in your head or on your “someday, maybe list.”

If you start to sort them in to these four levels; strategy, tactic, initiative and action step – you’ll get a much clearer blueprint for ALL your marketing going forward this month, next month and next year!


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How to Find the Business Coach of your Dreams

charlie poznekGuest post by Charlie Poznek 

When I first started my online business, I had no idea what a business coach was, let alone why I needed one.  I was much more concerned with the technical aspects of building a website, launching a podcast, and figuring out what social media was all about.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that hiring a business coach would’ve saved me hours each week, and not just when it came to learning to format my Twitter profile.  

I learned that a business coach is crucial to speeding up the learning curve, connecting with your target market, and avoiding expensive mistakes that new online business owners tend to make.  In essence, hiring a coach will get you in the game faster, keep you there longer, and let you focus on building your brand and connecting with customers.

So how do you find the business coach of your dreams?

1. Clarify your values

What matters most to you in your business, and as a human being? For me, giving back is a huge part of why I do what I do.  When looking for a coach, it was important to me to work with someone who shared that value.  I didn’t care if they were the most well-respected business coach in the world; if their values didn’t match mine, I didn’t want to work with them.

Your values don’t necessarily have to be personal or moral in nature - they might include your working style, or what’s most important to you in a professional relationship.  

For example, do you value someone who gives it to you straight, or someone who is more nurturing?  Are you a go-with-the-flow type of person, or do you prefer to have everything planned out?

Figure out which values are most important to you in a working relationship before beginning your search for the perfect coach or mentor.

2. Set expectations 

What do you expect to get out of working with a business coach?

Would you like a coach who…

  • will answer frantic phone calls in the middle of the night?
  • meets with you for hours at a time?
  • conducts sessions strictly over Skype?
  • follows up with you even after you’ve completed your sessions?

Start to think about your expectations of the relationship, including how much time you want to spend working with your coach and what you expect them to teach you.  Some people may want a good listener, while others may want to be told exactly what to do and how to do it. What’s your preference?

You should also consider how you want to work with your coach:

Would you prefer…

  • One-on-one power sessions?
  • Mastermind groups?
  • Live webinars?
  • Weekly phone calls?

If you’d rather be face to face than on the phone, look for a local coach who can meet with you in person.  If you’re busy with a full time job and can barely squeeze in a weekly webinar, find a coach who can work around your schedule.

You should also clearly state the goal of working with a coach.  How will you know if the coaching relationship has been successful?  

Make a list of exactly what you want help with, and what you want to achieve.  You might want something as basic as help setting up your website, or something as esoteric as defining the feeling of your brand.  Get specific so you can find the perfect person to deliver what you need.

3. Create a budget

You can spend $25 on a business coach or $25,000.  What’s your budget?

Keep in mind that the most expensive mentor in the world doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the best mentor in the world.  

Many business coaches offer monthly packages that include weekly phone calls and email support.  Generally speaking, one-on-one coaching will be more expensive than group coaching, but you’ll receive less attention.  

An experienced, well-known business coach might charge upwards of $500/hour for his or her time.  If you fall in love with a coach and find out their price point is too high, don’t give up right away. Contact them first to see if they have a payment plan or a program that’s within your price range.

4. Schedule an interview

Once you’ve found someone who shares your values, meets your expectations, and falls within your budget, it’s time to set up an interview.

If the business coach you’re interested in is highly successful, you may feel intimidated and fall into what I like to call the “pick me!” mentality. Remember that there has to be chemistry on both sides in order for a relationship to work.  If this coach is recommended by everyone but you get a bad vibe from them, it’s not worth the investment.  

Prepare a list of questions for your interview, and be sure to take note of how you feel during the interview.  Do you feel listened to? Does the coach seem confident that they can help you?  

A good business coach will be extremely interested in hearing all the details of where you are now and where you want to go - without those details, he or she has no way of knowing if the coaching relationship will be a good fit.

Finally, make sure that you like the person you’re about to hire.  They may have all the knowledge and expertise in the world, but if you dread spending an hour on the phone with them, you’ll be wasting your money.


Charlie Poznek is the Founder and CEO of The Boomer Business Owner with Charlie Poznek, a podcast that helps Baby Boomers create a spectacular life through successfully starting and running an online business.

Have you ever hired a business coach?  What was your experience like? Use the COMMENTS area below and join the conversation!

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77 Rules of the Road (for Marketing, Business and Life)



  1. Whatever it is you're working on - it's NOT what you think it is
  2. And it's BIGGER than you think it is
  3. Your job is not to work alone - lone wolves starve to death
  4. Your job is to build containers for collaboration
  5. You need three groups of people... 
  6. You need your posse (partners, colleagues, team)
  7. You need your tribe (followers, fans, customers, clients)
  8. You need your dream team (advisors, coaches, mentors)
  9. And you must avoid one group at all costs... 
  10. Keep away from the herd (sheep, lemmings, tire kickers, goofballs)
  11. "Yes" is almost never a good first answer
  12. Focus like a maniac on what matters most
  13. Turn off email - Yes, really
  14. Live out of your calendar, not your inbox
  15. Be kinder than you need to be
  16. Let go to move faster
  17. Stop letting fear make your decisions for you
  18. Learn to love the verb DECIDE... 
  19. Make more decisions
  20. Make faster decisions
  21. 90% of your decisions can always be changed later
  22. The magic word to get most anything you want: ASK!
  23. Charge premium fees...
  24. Good clients will follow
  25. Bad clients will fall away
  26. Stop asking for permission...
  27. Why? Because you already have it
  28. You don't need to see the whole staircase - just the first step
  29. Action eliminates fear
  30. Overdeliver like crazy
  31. It's better to have a capacity problem than a sales problem
  32. Customer loyalty goes both ways
  33. The saddest referral is one that was earned but never given (See #22)
  34. If it doesn't matter to your customer, it doesn't matter
  35. Forget features and benefits
  36. Focus exclusively on outcomes, results, and payoffs
  37. Learn to speak prospect language about prospect problems
  38. If you want to sell fire extinguishers, first show the fire
  39. If you don't risk turning some people off, you'll never turn anybody on
  40. Diversify while still specializing
  41. If you can prove what you do works, you win
  42. People never argue against their own opinions, data, and feelings
  43. When selling an idea, show up with a bucket, not a microphone
  44. There is no "sales gene"...
  45. Everyone can sell once they find their own voice 
  46. Marketing comes down to four words: Offer value, Invite engagement
  47. Imagine that it's easy
  48. Good things come to those who bust their ass and never give up
  49. Your success day in and day out, year in and year out depends on two things... 
  50. How fast you're willing to learn (relearn, unlearn)
  51. How much you're willing to grow (personally, professionally, emotionally)
  52. Every prospect qualifies - they just might not qualify for YOU
  53. If the first version of your product/service isn't embarrassing, you waited too long to launch it
  54. Happy people are that way because they want to be
  55. Miserable people are that way because they want to be
  56. Please secure your own mask before assisting others
  57. If you're a great starter, learn to finish
  58. Are you willing to do what you have to do so you get to do what you want to do?
  59. If you ain't got people skills, I don't care how smart you are - you're dead
  60. Stop acting like a numbnutz and your life will improve
  61. Different isn't better
  62. Better is better
  63. Until you have loved a dog, part of your soul remains unawakened
  64. Get out of the office - yes you - yes right now. That's where life happens
  65. Happiness is to have family that you treat like friends and friends that you treat like family
  66. Everyone needs allies, advocates, brothers, sisters, and co-conspirators in mischief and merry-making
  67. Getting what you want is easy - Deciding what you want is the hard part
  68. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, writers gotta write, dancers gotta dance... 
  69. So what are you waiting for? 
  70. Don't carry home-made business cards...
  71. Don't build a free template website...
  72. Professionals use professional tools
  73. Get serious, get help, or get out
  74. If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy - remember that
  75. Once a day, do something brave
  76. Once a day, do something kind
  77. Once a day, do something smart


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9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

integrate email marketing social media marketingGuest post by DJ Waldow

Are you wondering how to add social media to your email communications?

Email and social media marketing go together like Batman and Robin.

They both can be effective on their own; however, when combined, their (super) powers can save the city and exceed your marketing goals.

Is Email Dead?

In this article I’ll show you how to combine email marketing with your social media efforts.

In a recent StrongMail survey, ”More than two-thirds of business leaders (68%) say they plan to integrate social media with their email marketing efforts."

As a guy who lives, breathes, eats and sometimes dreams email marketing, I was thrilled to see email getting some mainstream love.

You may be thinking, “Hey, isn’t email dead?”

Think again. I mean, sure, there are certainly case studies of companies forgoing email and replacing it with social media. I’d argue that these are exceptions, certainly not the norm.

This blog post and infographic on the value of email by SmarterTools will quickly dispel the “email is dead” myth.

Need one more proof point that email is not dead? How many times have you checked your email this week? Today? Since you started reading this blog post? Okay. Now that we are all in agreement, let’s continue...

Read the rest of this article here...

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33 Great Questions to Get Your Business Unstuck

  1. 33 questions to get your business unstuckHow can we offer a risk-free trial of our product/service?
  2. What would make our work more fun?
  3. Which of YOUR talents and capabilities would you like to use more of?
  4. How can we do better in generating inbound leads?
  5. What should we be doing more of?
  6. What should we be doing less of?
  7. How can we be more valuable to our clients?
  8. What's the smartest decision we made in the last 3 months? 
  9. What's the dumbest decision we made in the last 3 months?
  10. Where are we hitting it out of the park?
  11. Where are we missing the mark and need to raise our game?
  12. How do we know the metrics we're tracking are the right metrics? Do we need to add, change or delete some key success factors? 
  13. What are the DNA markers of a 2-year client? 5-year client? 10-year client?
  14. What extra services could we offer in a super-premium version of our core product/service? 
  15. What "lite" services could we offer in an entry-level version of our core product/service?
  16. Do we have enough staff, capacity, and bandwidth to handle bigger, better projects? If not, how quickly can we scale with outsourcing, partnering, or subcontracting?
  17. What can we simplify, eliminate, delegate, or outsource?
  18. How can we work with prospects who are ahead of the curve in our area of expertise? (Advanced level program)
  19. How can we work with prospects who are behind the curve in our area of expertise? (Quickstart program)
  20. Are we doing too much marketing and not enough selling? 
  21. Are we doing too much selling and not enough marketing? 
  22. How are we making our prospects smarter - even if they DON'T buy from us? 
  23. Are we articulating clearly and concisely our level of expertise, experience and empathy with our target market? 
  24. Are we articulating clearly and concisely the exact types of heartaches, headaches, pains, problems, challenges and gaps that we can fix? 
  25. Are we investing in thought leadership marketing strategies like speaking, publishing, and social media to elevate our expertise and stand out from the crowd? 
  26. How can we zig where the competition zags? 
  27. How can we show - not tell - our clients that we offer products and services that are BFS (better, faster, smarter)?
  28. How can we offer depth with variety? 
  29. What can we do to encourage our favorite customers to serve as our most effective salesforce?
  30. How can we provide indisputable points of proof that what we do works, is cost-effective, and is better than any competitor or alternative (customer testimonials, industry recognition, videos, demonstrations, references, case studies, expert endorsements)
  31. What else can we do to qualify the right prospects, disqualify the wrong prospects, and get our sales process to be shorter, sharper, and more streamlined? 
  32. When we win business, do we know (exactly) why? When we lose business, do we know (exactly) why? Where has this data been captured and how are you using it to improve your odds with every new prospect day by day and week by week?
  33. Have you shared this post with three people whose business might benefit? Have you bought this book that comes with over $747 of marketing bonuses? Have you noticed there are more than 33 questions in this list? <Smile>.  
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Marketing Coach: 5 Habits of Interesting People

5 habits of interesting people

What makes someone interesting? Or - as they say in marketing lingo - a person of interest to others? 

It's a combination of factors, really... and here are five of them for your consideration: 

  1. They are not vanilla. They're quirky, pugnacious, determined, and they don't give a rat's ass what the rest of the world thinks. (They also don't mind using terms like "rat's ass" in a blog post.) Bottom line: wolves don't lose sleep over what sheep think of them. Think Donald Trump or Bill Clinton. How vanilla are YOU?
  2. They are articulate. Love 'em or hate 'em, these folks can articulate a point of view. Opinionated, loud, proud, and never dull. The sound bite "frequently wrong, never in doubt" was made for them. Think Bill O'Reilly or Rachel Maddow. How quotable are YOU?
  3. They stand FOR certain things. And they stand AGAINST other things. They energize their followers, antagonize their foes, and polarize the rest of us in the middle. Sound bite: If you don't risk turning SOME people off, you'll never turn anybody on. Think Howard Stern or Sarah Palin. What stand are YOU taking?
  4. They build movements larger than themselves. No matter how big, loud, rich, and famous they are - they're building something bigger than themselves and strive to make an impact beyond themselves. Think Oprah or Bill Gates. What's YOUR movement?
  5. They don't seek media - they ARE the media. They are tastemakers, movers, shakers, interviewers, and relationship-builders. They don't wait for the media to come knocking - they are more likely to post videos, write articles, and interview others to feed their tribe a steady diet of top-notch content. What media did you create today?     
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And then leave a comment below with your questions, thoughts, and advice on the ideas above.

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Marketing Coach: 11 Questions to Spark Your Success

11 questions to spark your success

  1. There's no good time. Now is the time.
    What are you waiting for?
  2. Put out your best material. For free. 
    Do you want to be SHARED or SCARED? 
  3. YOU may be your biggest obstacle.
    What would happen if you got out of the way? 
  4. Stop STARTING things and get more into DOING.
    What can you do today - right now?
  5. A few may wish to see you fail. A lot more are rooting for your success.
    Where is your attention?
  6. Forget the word vision.
    Better: What do you SEE in your future?
  7. You're aiming too low.
    How can you elevate your sights, your fees, and your value?
  8. Stop blaming others. It's ALL your fault.
    Move on - what's next?
  9. A bend in the road is never the end - unless you fail to turn.
    Where do you need to turn? 
  10. It's not what you think it is. And it's bigger than you think it is.
    Why not embrace that? 
  11. There are no silver bullets, secret sauces, or magic beans.
    Now what's your plan? 

What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on this topic and join the conversation... 

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How to Overcome the Stall in Sales

doitmarketing sales training mike brooks

Stop being put off by objections that stall your sales – and your income. 

Join my pal Mike Brooks for this NEW sales webinar on June 12 (free, of course), where you'll learn – word for word - how to overcome these common stalls:

During the Call:

"We're not interested right now."

"Could you email me something?"

During the Close:

"I'll show this to my regional manager (boss, partner, etc.)"

"We're still looking at a couple of different options on this right now"

Plus a NEW voicemail script for prospects who are stalling you by NOT calling you back!

Register for this info-packed training webinar right now to make sure you don't miss out. 

And please do share the registration link with other folks in your network who are tired of losing sales to the dreaded "stall" - you can point people directly to:

These strategies could make all the difference to help YOU sell more products, services, and programs. Mike's content-rich webinars always fill up, so register now to avoid missing out. 


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Marketing Coach: You'll Do It When You're Tired

you'll do it when you're tired doitmarketing

"You'll Do It When You're Tired"

Hmmmm... that may be the dumbest prediction you've ever heard...

You'll do what, exactly? 

In a word: Succeed.

You know - get "it" done...

That pet project of yours, that book, that event, that special thing you've been working on, talking about, noodling, doodling, and planning for YEARS...  

Tired? Tired of what, exactly? 

  • Tired of struggling
  • Tired of excuses
  • Tired of missing out
  • Tired of complaining how hard it is
  • Tired of striving
  • Tired of faking it
  • Tired of wishing
  • Tired of hoping
  • Tired of (day)dreaming
  • Tired of fantasizing
  • Tired of sketching
  • Tired of postponing
  • Tired of obsessing
  • Tired of perfectionism (perfect time, place, people, conditions)
  • Tired of being safe
  • Tired of disappointment
  • Tired of watching others zoom by you
  • Tired of sitting on the sidelines
  • Tired of keeping score when you're not even in the game
  • Tired of talking
  • Tired of planning
  • Tired of noodling
  • Tired of doodling
  • Tired of starting 
  • Tired of choking
  • Tired of quitting
  • Tired of fear
  • Tired of uncertainty
  • Tired of self-doubt

So what the hell are you supposed to do instead?

  • Launch!
  • Go!!
  • DO!!!
  • Kick ass
  • Take names
  • Leap - and the net will appear
  • Make it happen
  • Get off your buts
  • Climb in the cockpit
  • Strap in
  • Light the afterburners
  • Jump out of the plane
  • Figure out the rest on the way down
  • Yes, YOU!
  • Yes, really REALLY YOU!!!

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, because I'm kinda doing it myself...




The small business conference idea I had 10 years ago was a victim of a decade of noodling, doodling, planning, and dreaming.

Not any more.

Check it out: America Talks Business

Buy an early bird ticket. Share the web link with a friend. Bring a whole posse with you. 

Or don't.america talks business small crop

'Cuz we're gonna have an amazing entrepreneurial conference anyway. (It would just be a lot more fun with YOU there to take part.)

Bottom line: I got tired. I'm doing it. 

You can do it, too.

What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on this topic and join the conversation... 

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