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Marketing Coach: You'll Do It When You're Tired

you'll do it when you're tired doitmarketing

"You'll Do It When You're Tired"

Hmmmm... that may be the dumbest prediction you've ever heard...

You'll do what, exactly? 

In a word: Succeed.

You know - get "it" done...

That pet project of yours, that book, that event, that special thing you've been working on, talking about, noodling, doodling, and planning for YEARS...  

Tired? Tired of what, exactly? 

  • Tired of struggling
  • Tired of excuses
  • Tired of missing out
  • Tired of complaining how hard it is
  • Tired of striving
  • Tired of faking it
  • Tired of wishing
  • Tired of hoping
  • Tired of (day)dreaming
  • Tired of fantasizing
  • Tired of sketching
  • Tired of postponing
  • Tired of obsessing
  • Tired of perfectionism (perfect time, place, people, conditions)
  • Tired of being safe
  • Tired of disappointment
  • Tired of watching others zoom by you
  • Tired of sitting on the sidelines
  • Tired of keeping score when you're not even in the game
  • Tired of talking
  • Tired of planning
  • Tired of noodling
  • Tired of doodling
  • Tired of starting 
  • Tired of choking
  • Tired of quitting
  • Tired of fear
  • Tired of uncertainty
  • Tired of self-doubt

So what the hell are you supposed to do instead?

  • Launch!
  • Go!!
  • DO!!!
  • Kick ass
  • Take names
  • Leap - and the net will appear
  • Make it happen
  • Get off your buts
  • Climb in the cockpit
  • Strap in
  • Light the afterburners
  • Jump out of the plane
  • Figure out the rest on the way down
  • Yes, YOU!
  • Yes, really REALLY YOU!!!

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, because I'm kinda doing it myself...




The small business conference idea I had 10 years ago was a victim of a decade of noodling, doodling, planning, and dreaming.

Not any more.

Check it out: America Talks Business

Buy an early bird ticket. Share the web link with a friend. Bring a whole posse with you. 

Or don't.america talks business small crop

'Cuz we're gonna have an amazing entrepreneurial conference anyway. (It would just be a lot more fun with YOU there to take part.)

Bottom line: I got tired. I'm doing it. 

You can do it, too.

What do YOU think? Please use the COMMENTS area below to share your advice, insights and recommendations on this topic and join the conversation... 

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