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Marketing Speaker: DECIDE is the most powerful word in marketing

decideDECIDE is the most powerful word in marketing.

Decide who you are. 

Decide who your prospects are. 

Decide to do your best work.

Decide not to work with jerks.

Decide on your menu of investable opportunities.

Decide what business model you're running.

Decide what revenue model your pricing comes from.

Decide what tasks can be delegated, eliminated, or outsourced.

Decide to pursue a niche market. 

Decide to publish content regularly. 

Decide to become a valued asset to your prospects.

Decide to become indispensable to your clients. 

Decide to make a bigger splash in a smaller (or bigger) pond.

Decide what kinds of projects are NOT for you. 

Decide on your marketing strategy. 

Decide on a small, focused set of tactics. 

Decide to market more consistently. 

Decide to sell more bravely. 

Decide to dream bigger. 

Decide to act faster. 

Decide to crush it. 




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