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13 Quick Tips: Blogging for Business

13 tips for blogging - blogging for business1. Keep it short. No time to write? Cool - they have no time to read. 

2. Lists rock (like this one!)

3. Shoot a 2-minute video. Post to YouTube. Embed with 3 lines of setup. Optimize title, tags and description with your keywords. Boom - done. 

4. Interview other experts. Three questions max. Post and voila!

5. Interview prospective clients and customers. Promote them and their company. Repeat. Go to bank.

6. Review your favorite books on amazon - both related and unrelated to your main business. Optimize your amazon reviewer page and link it back to your home page.

7. Seek guest blogging opportunities on blogs that target the same topics and readership you are after. 

8. Invite both prominent and up-and-coming bloggers to guest blog for you. Same story, other direction. Genius!

9. Leave constructive, helpful comments on prominent blogs and media sites. Use an abbreviated signature file and link back to your blog.

10. Participate in Linkedin Groups and share your blog content/links in response to relevant questions and discussions. You raise both your credibility and visibility with this one tactic.

11. Don't overdo keywords and SEO on your blogs - people can tell and it makes you look a little creepy, robotic - or both. Write for humans and the traffic will follow.

12. Graphics, baby, graphics. Blogs are visual. Get an affordable account with iStockPhoto or one of the other stock photo sites. Grab unusual and interesting graphics and photos to spice up that wall of text. You'll be amazed. It makes all the difference.

13. Schedule it. Stick to it. Your blog is the command center of your online thought leadership platform. Shoot for 2-3 updates a week and amazing things will start to happen. Now is the time for you to... Get blogalicious! 

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