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Marketing Coach: Top 12 Marketing Tips of 2012

doit marketing best marketing tips13In this final installment of New Year Goodness... you're getting my top picks of marketing must-read info, strategies, templates and tools. 



So you CAN (and WILL!) make 2013 your best year yet. 

Is this just more smoke and mirrors and hokey motivation?

Nope - it's a 12-pack of "Real Deal" marketing tools that you can review over a weekend (ahem... maybe even THIS weekend?) and start to implement bright and early Monday morning. 


Here we go...

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  2. Email Blast: Creating subject lines that pack punch
  3. 23 things to say when you're asked for "free consulting"
  4. Small Business Marketing Coach: Developing Customer Intimacy
  5. Referral Blurbs - Marketing Coach Tip
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  7. Social Media Scripts: Tips from a Marketing Coach

Hidden treasures:

  1. Marketing Coach: 33 Ways to Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet
  2. Professional Services Marketing: Speaking to Attract New Clients
  3. Marketing Concept: Use these headline techniques if you dare
  4. 5 Signs that Your Prospect is Giving You Too Much Bullsh*t
  5. Business Coach: 50 Reasons People Should Buy from YOU

Ah, heck - I can't resist giving you THIS one...

The (REAL) Idiot's Guide to Social Media Marketing

And one more for good luck:

Marketing Speaker Tip: Erase. Start Fresh. Kick Ass

p.s. As you review these, please share YOUR advice, insights and recommendations in the COMMENTS section for each of these blogs. Even if the posts are older, I always see new comments as you post them -- so I'd love to generate discussions with YOU on how you can max out these ideas in 2013 for YOUR business!

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