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Marketing Coach: 11 Lessons from 101 Tips in 3 Words

The awesome Yosef Klein who works at Click and Market in my old stomping grounds of Brooklyn NY sent me the following picture of the poster he created from my blog post titled 101 Success Tips in 3 Words

Check this out: 

doit marketing 101 success tips in 3 words

Isn't this what we are all after when it comes to marketing YOUR awesomeness? 

Don't YOU want people putting posters up in their offices of YOUR ideas, tips, content and inspiration?

Damn... I know I do... 

I know Yosef does...

And you probably do as well. 

So here are 11 observations, learnings and ideas for YOU to make this happen in YOUR business.

  1. People love lists. 
  2. People love encouragement.
  3. People love brevity.
  4. People love audacity.
  5. People love connection.
  6. People love visuals.
  7. People love quirkiness.
  8. People love insights.
  9. People love personalization.
  10. People love specificity.
  11. People love fun.

And thank you, Yosef. 

Dude - you made my day, my week AND my month.

You rock.

I appreciate you. 


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