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Marketing Coach: How to Add ROI to Every Proposal

doitmarketing, marketing speaker, marketing coach, motivational speaker philadelphia, paAs a marketing speaker and marketing coach, I'm often asked to review my clients' proposals to help them land 5- and 6-figure training, speaking, and consulting contracts. 

The #1 most powerful strategy that will increase your hit rate no matter what you're selling is to be clear and explicit about your client's expected Return on Investment (ROI) -- using their OWN numbers. 

For example, take a look at this suggestion I made to one of my amazing management consultant clients last week... and see how YOU can model a similar section on page ONE of every proposal YOU send out... 

  • Average salary of front-line manager: $38,500 (this number needs to be provided by your client - always use THEIR real number, don't guess or assume) 
  • Salary value of 100 program participants = $3,850,000
  • Cost of program (program investment + materials fees) = $21,500 
  • Making managers 10% more effective = salary value (saved time, saved money, reduced turnover, increased performance) = $385,000
  • Return on Investment = 385,000/21,500 = 1,790%
Start putting THAT front and center in your proposals and stand back!!
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