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50 Ways to Make Your Presentations Better

  1. marketing speaker marketing expert david newmanPrepare, don't memorize.
  2. Practice out loud. Yes, out loud. 
  3. Audio record yourself. Relisten. Repeat.
  4. Stop apologizing for everything.
  5. Unless you're late. 
  6. Never start late. And never EVER end late.
  7. If you feel you MUST use slides, you're not ready.
  8. If you PREFER to use slides, put photos - not words - on them.
  9. If you ignore #8, then never EVER read your slides.
  10. Talk with the audience, not at them.
  11. Never forget that an audience of 500 is just 500 1-to-1 conversations.
  12. It's OK to use notes. Really. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.
  13. Especially if your notes make you more concise, focused, and impactful.
  14. Get off the stage and out INTO the audience. 
  15. Get up in their grill and make speaking a contact sport.
  16. Have an opinion. Take a stand. Piss some people off.
  17. Part of the speaker's job is to serve as a productive irritant.
  18. If you don't risk turning some people off, you'll never turn anybody on.
  19. The 1-way speech is dead. Interact, interview, connect and confer. 
  20. Script your opening and closing 30 seconds. 
  21. Everything in between is just good conversation.
  22. You don't "forget what to say" at your job or on a date. Same thing here.
  23. Every great speaker has 2 traits: Expertise and Authenticity. That's it. 
  24. Say half as much and repeat it. Say half as much and repeat it. 
  25. Read Seth Godin's free PDF titled Really Bad Powerpoint
  26. Check out books and blogs by Nancy Duarte
  27. Move first - THEN talk = Emphasis is on your words.
  28. Talk first - THEN move = Emphasis is on your movement.
  29. Humor is a must but don't tell jokes. 
  30. Let humor emerge then polish it (situational or self-deprecating - or both!)
  31. If they could've simply found your content in a book, you lose. 
  32. If they could've simply found your content via Google, you lose.
  33. Take them on a ride. Highs, lows, suspense, drama and a happy ending.
  34. Show both your character and your characters.
  35. Don't retell your stories - relive your stories.
  36. Vary your pace, rhythym, tone, and volume.
  37. Dazzle them with their own potential - not your ego or resume.
  38. Make the complex simple. Boil it down. Make it easy.
  39. Turn every "me" story or example into a "you" takeaway or lesson.
  40. Preaching is about you. Evangelizing is about them. Make it about them.
  41. Sharing your missteps and mistakes shows strength, not weakness.
  42. Every time you say "I," you lose just a little more influence and impact.
  43. Slide timing: Assume 1 slide for every 2 min. 60 min. = 30 slides.
  44. Using significantly more - or fewer - is for pros. Do not try this at home.
  45. Watch this 2-min. video and NEVER do those things!
  46. If your handout reminds them of being back in school, you lose. 
  47. If your handout isn't TOO GOOD to throw away, they will.
  48. Make sure you conclude with a call to action and a clear next step.
  49. Watch this video to learn how to capture leads from every speech
  50. Be brilliant. Be brief. Be gone. 

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