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Marketing Speaker Geoff Ramm Interview

marketing speaker geoff rammYou're about to meet one of my favorite people and a super-smart marketer... My marketing speaker pal from the UK, Geoff Ramm. 

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and join us as we talk about Observational Marketing Greats and the power of Celebrity Service. 

Great marketing is all about GETTING clients and great service is all about KEEPING clients, so it makes perfect sense that Geoff is an expert in both!

Get ready to take some notes on how Geoff's brilliant ideas apply to YOUR business...

Get "real deal" insights on marketing smarter and service that will blow the competition away. See how many valuable nuggets YOU can implement in your business - right NOW!

What do you think? Please leave a comment below and let's discuss...

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Love It or Hate It: KLOUT Matters

KLOUT MattersKlout. 

"Excuse me?" or "Yech..."

I can hear you already...  

If you know what KLOUT is (, then you might think it's the web's version of a superficial popularity contest. 

If you don't, you may chalk it up to more internet marketing mumbo-jumbo, the latest buzzword or a piece of jargon not worth knowing about... 

And in both cases, you'd be wrong. 

If you want to increase your online and offline influence, impact - and income - then you need to know about KLOUT.

The best KLOUT resource I've found is the great new book KLOUT Matters by Terry Brock and Gina Carr.

Recently, I was lucky enough to interview my friend, Hall of Fame speaker and technology expert Terry Brock.

Here's the video for you. Listen in to Terry's lively advice - with many high-value nuggets and takeaways for YOU as you build your marketing game plan for 2014 and beyond:

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts about KLOUT, Twitter, Facebook, and social media engagement as a measure of genuine influence. Are you a believer? A skeptic? Somewhere in the middle? Let's discuss...

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