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Marketing Coach: 5 Skills to Accelerate Your Success

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2013 is almost over... 


And here's a tough question for you: 
If your 2014 ends up just like your 2013, would that be acceptable to you? 
  1. Do you want to reach larger numbers of people who need your services and who are happy to pay you premium fees? 
  2. Do you want to connect with more prospects and create more sales? 
  3. Do you want to become known as the "go-to" person in your field and top choice in your industry? 
  4. Would you like ongoing support and access to instant-action marketing strategies, tactics, and tools to grow your business?
If you want to accelerate your business beyond where you've been - perhaps significantly so - then you'll need to master these 5 key skills and behaviors:
  1. Attract More New Clients WITHOUT breaking the bank with expensive paid advertising/marketing
  2. Increase Your Client Retention so that each client stays with you longer, giving you more revenue AND creating better client outcomes, more repeat business, and more referrals
  3. Streamline and Perfect your "Introductory" and "Enrollment" process so that more sales happen
  4. Start Building Systems that will support your business as it grows so that you have more clarity, confidence, and control
  5. Implement a Perpetual Marketing Plan that fits your particular strengths, personality and preferences AND puts cash in the bank, month after month
Last month, I launched the new Do It! Marketing Accelerator program and we have 9 fabulous people enrolled as of right now. These 5 skills and behaviors are a big part of what we're going to focus on during the coming months... 
Our first Accelerator conference call is scheduled for this Thursday, December 5thAnd before the doors close on this kickoff program, I wanted to invite you to consider if this program is right for you... 
There are 6 more spaces available and then the program is CLOSED... 
You are warmly invited to take a peek at everything you get - all designed to give you MORE momentum, MORE focus, MORE clients, and MORE revenue.  
There are TWO ways to join - a monthly option with zero obligation (cancel any time) and an annual option that gives you additional savings and benefits.  
Looking forward to the possibility of YOU joining us... just in time to accelerate your progress and your revenues in 2014 and beyond.
p.s. FAST-ACTION BONUS: If you register at the bottom of this page by Thursday December 5, you'll get TWO 60-minute private mentor sessions with me personally to work on your marketing, sales, and business growth game plan for 2014 and make sure you're positioned for success ($720 value). We'll schedule one in December and one in January. Don't miss out! 

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