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Top 5 Social Media Tips and Your Social Media Gameplan

top 5 social media tips, social media game plan

Top 5 Tips for Twitter:

  1. Listen and learn. As with other social media, the most important first step is to listen to the conversations. See what people are talking about in your industry on Twitter. The daily thoughts of so many people can be an incredibly rich source of new ideas for products and services.
  2. Publish valuable news and information. Only after you've listened and understand the style and etiquette of Twitter communications should you consider creating an account and posting content. An easy starting point is to publish regular news and updates that you already distribute via other channels.
  3. Distribute promotions. Some companies are finding that Twitter is an effective channel for sending out promotional messages. Timely sales and coupons are easy to distribute on Twitter, and the fast nature of the Twitterverse means that people can respond to the promotions quickly. Note: Keep offers and promotions to LESS than 20% of your tweets, otherwise you'll come off like a sleazy peddler rather than a trusted partner. 
  4. Create or extend your brand personality. Ultimately, Twitter is far more valuable for distributing your brand personality than it is for merely delivering your content. Social media is social. Be a person first. 
  5. Engage in conversations and customer service. Twitter is about conversations, not monologues. Twitter is about talking with people, not merely at them. Engage, thank, respond and reciprocate.

Top 5 Tips for LinkedIn:

  1. Use LinkedIn Groups & stimulate new leads daily with value-first outreach.
  2. Ask questions & build your credibility using LinkedIn status updates.
  3. Create powerful events and promote them to relevant groups.
  4. Run an advanced search to find buyers, prospects, and advocates in your target market.
  5. Once you find leads, send personalized messages and connect 1-to-1 as real people, not as “targets.”

Top 5 Tips for Facebook:

  1. Define your target market. Every online effort that will actually get you results starts with knowing exactly who your perfect clients are.
  2. Connect with people in your target market. For every action you take on Facebook, ask yourself how doing this helps you connect and network with people in your target market.
  3. Get and stay active. Facebook marketing will only work for you if you are active. Don't engage in "drive-by" activity and expect long-term results.
  4. Share valuable tips and ideas. A big part of your Facebook marketing should be promoting and sharing your expertise – not pitching and peddling your wares
  5. Start a Facebook business page. Start one if you don't have one yet. It's a great forum for discussion, answering questions, and building community.

Your Simple Social Media Marketing Plan:

Here is exactly what you need to do - step by step - to help you and your organization maximize the basics in your social media gameplan:

  • Calendarize your social media tactics in less than 30 minutes a day
  • Organize your social media priorities behind one of three main purposes (sharing resources, building relationships, engaging in reciprocity)
  • Operationalize your social media game plan with time-saving tools such as TweetAdder, BufferApp, and
  • Leverage and grow the impact of all your social media efforts and assets

Remember – if you start small, stick to your plan and your calendar, learn as you go, and adjust your game plan based on your results, your social media strategies WILL pay off for you and for your organization!

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