The Speaking Show with David Newman

Episode 104: Carol Cambridge

The Stay Safe Project with Carol Cambridge

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Carol Cambridge is a recognized authority on workplace violence, workplace conflict, & personal safety. Carol is the founder & CEO of The Stay Safe Project & Violence Free.

Carol shares her story on how she got into the speaking business and how her passions for a safe work environment led her to the niche she works in today! Carol also talks about creating an experience in her training programs and how LinkedIn is used as an essential tool for her business!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Becoming a professional speaker
  • Choosing the workplace violence niche
  • The simulation component of her training programs
  • The Stay Safe Project and its impact on new business
  • Simplifying her website
  • Making this project bigger than herself
  • Thinking outside the box for video content
  • Rebranding and starting over with SEO traction
  • Imagine the best
  • How David has helped Carol with her business
  • How Carol uses LinkedIn for her business
  • Shout out to Jennifer Darling


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