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Episode 96: Shawn Rhodes

Real Deal Speaker Sales with Shawn Rhodes

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Shawn Rhodes is an international expert in dramatically improving the performance and profitability of organizations. His two degrees, international study of organizational execution on-site in more than two dozen countries and multiple combat deployments as a Marine Corps war correspondent prepared him for the battlefield of business. As president and founder of Shoshin Consulting, Shawn has consulted organizations ranging from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to start-ups.

Shawn joins us to not only offer his wisdom in the speaking business but to present an exclusive offer to his Speaker Sales System Pro training and CRM program, heard FIRST on The Speaking Show! Hurry because this is a very limited time offer! Tune in to find out what Shawn’s program can do for your speaking business, his wisdom on managing a sales funnel, and also be sure to listen for David’s exclusive offer to top it all off!
To apply for one of the few spots in Shawn's done-for-you Speaker Sales System Platinum, contact him here

In This Episode, You'll Learn About...

  • Becoming a speaker
  • Why Shawn is never willing to outsource a task without first knowing it himself
  • The missing ingredient of effectively using a CRM
  • Campaigns vs. Individual outreach
  • Shawn’s Speaker Sales System Pro program
  • Shawn’s prospect vetting criteria
  • Why you should avoid customizing or reverse engineering this CRM
  • Shawn’s military background


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