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Episode 22: David Siteman Garland

Online Course Palooza with David Siteman Garland

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David Siteman Garland, the enthusiastic and extroverted creator of The Rise to the Top and Create Awesome Online Courses, has more than an earful to say about his own Rise To The Top! So have your pen and notepad ready to go, because there’s a lot to learn if you’re an expert interested in making some real money through online courses…..and then some!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • How David got into creating web courses
  • Diversifying your business within its focus
  • Achieving growth through delegation
  • Dealing with copycats in your business
  • Conquering the fear of marketing yourself
  • Why a quality online course is much better in the long run
  • An online course is more than just that
  • The biggest objection to creating an online course and how to reverse it


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