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Episode 59: David A. Fields

Build Your Consulting Business with David A. Fields

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David A. Fields started his career in marketing for GlaxoSmithKline before jumping into consulting at a boutique firm. David then co-founded Ascendant Consulting where he developed his “general contractor” model where he focuses on overall quality and relationship management for each project.

David and David dive into the business of consulting and how to be specific yet broad with your expertise. David also gives insight on any professional speaker or expert trying to get into the consulting business.

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • Shifting from expert to consultant
  • Two things that are the core of consulting
  • The advantages of having speaking experience when pursuing consulting
  • Three things a consultant can do to create value
  • How David built his consulting business
  • About following the market
  • Generalist vs. Specialist
  • The Solo Practice Accelerator event
  • Transition from corporate to solo
  • Inbound and outbound outreach
  • Where cold outreach can be effective
  • David’s favorite premises to initiating conversations with prospects


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