The Speaking Show with David Newman

Episode 64: Eric Chester

Keynote Mastery with Eric Chester

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Eric Chester is a trusted source in the global dialogue on employee engagement, workplace culture, and the emerging generation. And he isn’t some Johnny-Come-Lately to this important conversation. Since 1986, Eric’s been in the trenches researching, studying, speaking and writing about these topics.

Eric joins David in discussing the do’s and don’ts of keynote presentations. A must listen for those who are aspiring keynote presenters or are just looking for ways to refresh your presentation!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • The problem with keynotes
  • What to do when starting a keynote from scratch
  • What is a keynote?
  • Timing your presentation
  • ‘Auditioning’ your content
  • Conducting research on determining content
  • Customizing your content
  • Avoiding fluff in your presentation
  • To use or not use slides?


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