The Speaking Show with David Newman

Episode 44: Jan Spence

Finding Your Own Path with Jan Spence

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Jan Spence is an international speaker, trainer, and consultant. With contagious charisma and a zest for life which make her an excellent motivator and leader, this TEDx speaker has used her vast knowledge in sales, communications, finances, and employee engagement to help numerous clients including Pillsbury, Walmart, and Frito-Lay.

Jan tells David of her journey from being a pro football player to the speaker, author, and entrepreneur she is today! She also talks about how she takes advantage of being in a broad niche.

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • From pro football player to entrepreneur
  • Finding her path/niche or ‘picking a lane’
  • Uncovering new opportunities
  • Research tips and resources
  • Leaving the right voicemail
  • The importance of being able to sell yourself


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