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Episode 93: Josh Greene

SEO Secrets with Josh Greene

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Josh Greene is the CEO for The Mather Group, a digital agency that drives targeted high value leads for B2B companies and helps companies manage how they’re found online, through Search Engine Optimization, Wikipedia and online advertising.

Josh takes us behind the curtain of the dark magic we know as search engine optimization and shares with us a couple of tips and secrets on link building, conversions, and much more!

In This Episode, You'll Learn...

  • To write for people, or for search engines?
  • Searching for a label or a question
  • SEO secret: It’s not just the content
  • Link building
  • Outbound links
  • Purpose of a solid SEO campaign
  • Having an outcome in mind
  • Using SEO against negative links
  • If you build your business, the SEO may follow


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